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Workers’ Compensation Case Complications

By: Fry | Goehring

When you get injured at work, it’s never easy to deal with. No matter the severity of the injury, if it causes you pain, causes you to lose money or even to lose out on a career, it can be a devastating blow that can happen quite suddenly. Fortunately, employees have the benefit of workers’ compensation, which is designed to help injured employees pay for their medical bills and support their families as they heal from their injuries.

Although thousands of employees are able to file for workers’ compensation with no problems, it isn’t foolproof. There are instances where, due to complications and circumstances out of their control, workers have to wait long periods of time for their employers to pay for their medical bills or receive the compensation they deserve.

Here are a few of the most common workers’ compensation case complications that can cause delays in payment or assistance.


It is of the utmost importance to report your on-the-job injury right away, to the proper authorities. Notifying your manager right away will prevent potential issues with your workers’ compensation claim, and it will also prevent your health condition from getting worse. Filing a workers’ compensation claim quickly will improve the likelihood of its approval. Filing right away gives your manager or supervisor the ability and time to file the right paperwork that is necessary for your claim.


Although this won’t necessarily disqualify you from receiving workers’ compensation benefits, having drugs or alcohol in your system will give your employer reason to assume you injured yourself due to the fact you were impaired.


When you’re injured — particularly when you are severely injured — it can be difficult to think straight. However, it is critical to be able to report your injury accurately to your supervisor in order for you to receive the amount of care necessary for your injuries. To help you in filing your report, write down everything you can remember. Alternatively, have a loved one write everything down so you can ensure 100 percent accuracy on your claim.

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