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Even in the mildest of work environments, injuries can still occur due to dangerous work conditions, or many times, due to employees being improperly trained or ill-equipped for safety in the workplace. On the other hand, a person could still be excellently trained and properly fitted with the right equipment, but still suffer a devastating accident due to the negligence of the management overseeing the project or company.

If you have been injured on the job on account of an unsafe work environment or due to the irresponsibility of your employer, reach out to our team at Fry | Goehring. Our dedicated attorneys can help with your claim. When employees are injured on the job, the very least that an employer can do is provide extensive medical and financial aid through workers’ compensation funds.

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Common Causes of Workplace Accidents

Injuries that take place while you are at work can occur for a variety of reasons. Depending on the work environment and job activities, the safety level of a workplace can range from relatively harmless to extremely dangerous. While there are technically endless ways that one can be injured on the job, there are certain tasks which often are not accompanied by proper safety measures, thus commonly resulting in disastrous accidents.

Our attorneys are able to provide legal support for any kind of workplace injury, including those caused by:

  • Overexertion and exhaustion, particularly common when employees do not have adequate breaks and allotted periods of rest
  • Slips, trips, and falls caused by hazardous work environments or broken tools
  • Cuts and wounds caused by malfunctioning equipment
  • Long-term illness or disease created by toxic materials at the work site
  • Lack of training or lack of necessary tools and resources on account of the management’s desire to “cut corners” to save expenses

Understanding the Terms of Workers’ Compensation

Many people are unaware of what damages are covered in the state of Georgia under workers’ compensation until they have already been injured for some time. Understandably, no one expects the worst to happen, and in the days immediately following the accident, the victims are too exhausted and overwhelmed from surviving their ordeal to think about making a claim.

The problem is that according to the state of Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws, failing to report a job-related accident within 30 days can result in you losing your right to receive benefits. Even if you report your accident, failing to fill out your WC-14 Form within a year to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation can also deprive you of your deserved compensation. While we understand that you will be reeling in pain and exhaustion from your injury, it is critical to let our team begin the investigation to get the necessary help for recovering after a workplace incident.

Seeking Rightful Compensation for Your Suffering

Unexpected or unperceived injuries occurring at work do not negate employer responsibility for those injuries. As the proprietor of the business, the employer generally bears full responsibility for any and all accidents that occur at the business location. However, employees may be anxious that their employers could try to punish them for filing a claim for compensation. It is important to never let your company bully you into silence. If you or a loved one has suffered or is suffering from a work-related injury or occupational disease, our workers’ compensation lawyers in Atlanta can help you understand your rights and how to secure the benefits you rightfully deserve.

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