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Third Party Liability and the Workers’ Comp Claim

By: Fry | Goehring

There’s a rather complex area of law that might interest you. Your worker’s comp claim could be supplemented because of third-party liability. Here’s how that works.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you might have no clue about your rights. Unfortunately, there are many people left in the dark with this matter. As most people are familiar with the worker’s comp claim, they might be a little surprised to learn about third-party liability.


To understand the connection between third-party liability and the worker’s comp claim, you first must understand how each process works. If you experienced a work-related accident, then you know you have a high chance of receiving worker’s compensation benefits. Generally, this does not carry a burden of proof. Seeing as most worker’s compensation is doled out for work-related accidents, no questions are asked. At times, some accidents are proved to be the fault of the employee themselves, but, again, this is unlikely.

Where the third-party liability is concerned, this is a separate entity, and yet related to the accident itself. If you were hurt by someone who isn’t employed with the company you work for, you are also entitled to separate compensation through third-party liability. This means you may receive benefits through the worker’s comp claim and then other benefits through proving third-party liability.


There are situations that most people never consider as being related to worker’s comp claims. Regardless, these events can bring interesting results. For instance, if you are injured on the way to work, you can file a worker’s comp claim because you are traveling to work when you are hurt, and a third-party claim against the person who injured you, unrelated to your job itself. This could be the case when filing a personal injury claim for an automobile accident.

While this information may seem confusing, it is invaluable when seeking compensation for a personal injury. If you’ve been hurt, do not hesitate to ask questions and learn about your rights.


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