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E logs, or electronic logs, record the activities of the day for a truck driver. This log may include hours driven, length of fuel stops, duration of breaks, breakdowns, accidents, and where their routes start and end. Although truckers used to have to prepare paper logs to record all their activity, now they have the convenience of the electronic log.

E logs are typically recorded on a small, computerized electronic tracking system that is similar to a GPS system. The electronic log will record where a truck is driving, how fast it goes, any idle time, and how many miles per gallon the truck is getting. All the truckers must do when they are taking a break or filling up on fuel is to press a button on their electronic log, which will record the activity.

So, why are E logs so important to a truck driver or their company? What are some of the challenges with E logs?


Just like paper logs of the past, an E log will enhance the efficiency and safety of trucks and truck drivers. An E log, for example, will let dispatch know how many driving hours each trucker has logged and how far they are from reaching the maximum number of hours they are allowed per day. This helps prevent violations and helps protect the trucker as well as other drivers on the road from getting hurt by an over-tired driver.

An E log is mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to create safer working conditions for drivers. And in fact, a study in 2014 showed that those trucks that were equipped with an electronic logging device had significantly lower preventable crash rates than those that were not equipped.

Now that E logs are mandated, it is more difficult for a trucker to falsify or alter their logs. Edits to the data history on an E log are recorded—meaning that investigators will know whether a driver attempted to tamper with the device after an accident or after a violation.


Although mandatory E logs are a step in the right direction in the trucking industry, they won’t completely solve the drowsy driver problem. Companies still push their drivers to the legal limits and accidents can still occur due to driver exhaustion.

If you have been in an accident with a commercial vehicle in Georgia that caused severe injuries, the truck driver or the driver’s company may be negligible. Whether they failed to do a proper inspection, or the driver was working while impaired, they may be held responsible for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. If you want to pursue a lawsuit against the truck driver or commercial truck company, call the Fry Law team at (404) 948-3571 to set up a consultation today.