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Settlement over twenty times the prior offer
We filed a law-suit, and shortly thereafter we obtained a settlement over twenty times the prior offer.
A driver that was illegally taking opioids
Our Firm helped a gentleman that was hit by a driver that was illegally taking opioids, which affected his driving. This caused serious injuries to our client. We had multiple depositions, worked with a toxicologist and other experts, and were ultimately able to obtain a very large, and confidential settlement, for our very deserving client.
Five times the initial offer
We received a referral case from another attorney. It was a hit and run case with a low offer, which is common for these types of cases. After our firm filed suit, we were able to take the case to mediation and settled for 5 times the initial offer.
Five times the initial offer
Following mediation, the insurance company ended up agreeing to pay 2.5 times the amount of its prior statutory offer of settlement to resolve the case and avoid a jury trial.
Recently settled at mediation for a confidential, but significant amount
We represented a very nice Hispanic lady that was severely injured when a thermos she was carrying blew up causing her eye damage. We spent significant time and resources on this case, and working with another Firm, recently settled at mediation for a confidential, but significant amount. Our client and her family were thrilled that we took the time, and the risk, to assist in this very serious matter.
Settlement over six times the previous offer
We recently represented a man that was bitten by a dog, that was not on a leash and not restrained as required by the applicable laws and ordinances. The initial offer to this gentleman did not even cover his medical bills. Our firm took over his case, and we secured a settlement of over six times the previous offer. We were happy to secure a great settlement for one of many dog bites cases that we handle every year.

Slip & Fall Lawyers in Atlanta


Slip and fall accidents can happen in any place and at any time, whether you were just out shopping at your local convenient store or were visiting the playground with your children. These kinds of accidents are some of the most common, but also some of the most serious in terms of creating debilitating injuries. 

There are certain important factors that you should consider regarding how to handle your slip and fall accident and how to determine if taking legal action is in your best interest. 

If your injury was due to the negligence of another person or even a larger organization or company, it is essential to reach out to our knowledgeable attorneys so you can seek the compensation you deserve.

Contact us now at (404) 969-1284 to ask any questions you may have about slip and fall accidents.


Various factors can contribute to a slip and fall incident. A property owner may not have partitioned off a dangerous area in a building, or an architect or contractor may have designed a structure that is not safe. Often times, slip and fall incidents are caused by things that could have been cleaned up or removed easily (i.e., liquids, debris, etc.), but for whatever reason were simply ignored. 

Unfortunately, serious injuries often result, which is why it is critical to get our legal team involved to support you in making a claim for the compensation you deserve.

Our Atlanta attorneys have helped people who have suffered all kinds of slip and fall accidents, including those resulting from:

  • Floors and pavements that are uneven or cracked
  • Broken tiles or concrete
  • Floors that have been recently washed, polished, or waxed without warning signs
  • Loose carpets, mats, and rugs
  • Surfaces that are unsalted when icy
  • Hallways filled with debris
  • Worn steps and stairs
  • Broken handrails
  • Dim lighting in dark spaces and walkways
  • Loose wires and cords
  • Broken and missing stairs
  • Uncleaned spills or wet paint
  • Potholes or large gaps in the walkway or parking lot


There are tragically many kinds of injuries that cab result from slip and fall accidents, and many of our clients have suffered multiple injuries during a single event. This is why it is so essential to get legal support, since the bare minimum that insurance companies often offer will hardly cover all the costs related to treating these injuries, in the present as well as the future.

Some of the most common injuries resulting from these incidents include:

  • Traumatic brain damage and memory loss
  • Spinal cord damage and paralysis
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Damaged or ruptured organs
  • Severe bruises and internal bleeding


When it comes to personal injury claims, you never want to simply settle for any legal representative. There are many complex facets when it comes to these kinds of claims, and neither the party who committed the injuries nor your own insurance company will be on your side.

The opposing party, whether an individual or an organization, will often try to excuse their negligence or even blame you for causing the fall, since they do not want to pay repercussions. However, it is important to remember that insurance companies are not eager to offer much monetary support either. 

In order to secure yourself from being placed in a terrible legal and financial bind, it is critical to get in touch with our devoted slip and fall lawyers in Atlanta as soon as possible.

Call us today at (404) 969-1284 or contact us online to initiate your free consultation.

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