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Settlement over twenty times the prior offer
We filed a law-suit, and shortly thereafter we obtained a settlement over twenty times the prior offer.
A driver that was illegally taking opioids
Our Firm helped a gentleman that was hit by a driver that was illegally taking opioids, which affected his driving. This caused serious injuries to our client. We had multiple depositions, worked with a toxicologist and other experts, and were ultimately able to obtain a very large, and confidential settlement, for our very deserving client.
Five times the initial offer
We received a referral case from another attorney. It was a hit and run case with a low offer, which is common for these types of cases. After our firm filed suit, we were able to take the case to mediation and settled for 5 times the initial offer.
Five times the initial offer
Following mediation, the insurance company ended up agreeing to pay 2.5 times the amount of its prior statutory offer of settlement to resolve the case and avoid a jury trial.
Recently settled at mediation for a confidential, but significant amount
We represented a very nice Hispanic lady that was severely injured when a thermos she was carrying blew up causing her eye damage. We spent significant time and resources on this case, and working with another Firm, recently settled at mediation for a confidential, but significant amount. Our client and her family were thrilled that we took the time, and the risk, to assist in this very serious matter.
Settlement over six times the previous offer
We recently represented a man that was bitten by a dog, that was not on a leash and not restrained as required by the applicable laws and ordinances. The initial offer to this gentleman did not even cover his medical bills. Our firm took over his case, and we secured a settlement of over six times the previous offer. We were happy to secure a great settlement for one of many dog bites cases that we handle every year.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents

No matter how much safety gear motorcyclists wear or how cautious or experienced they are as riders, they remain the most vulnerable motorists on the road. Motorcycle riders don’t have the same protection as vehicle occupants, such as airbags and seat belts. They only have their clothes and helmets to protect them from the elements.


So, every time a rider hits the road, they face hazards that can lead to severe injuries or, worse, fatalities. Just a few seconds of another driver’s thoughtless actions or aggression can leave you disabled for life or, worse, claim the life of a loved one.


Tragically, in recent years, Georgia has witnessed an alarming increase in motorcycle crashes. According to data published by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety on motorcycle crash facts, in 2020, 186 motorcyclist fatalities occurred in auto accidents on Georgia roadways. In 2021, there were 185 motorcyclist fatalities, representing 10% of all traffic crash fatalities in Georgia.


With numbers like these, it makes sense for motorcyclists in Georgia to want to know the most common types of motorcycle accidents to protect themselves. Don’t become a statistic! If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash, contact Fry | Goehring or call our motorcycle accident attorneys at 404-969-1284 for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.


The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia

There are several types of motorcycle crashes in which Georgia riders may be involved. Understanding the common types of motorcycle accidents is not only an important tool for riders to stay safe on the road but also for establishing liability after a crash. With a solid grasp of the nature of your crash, you can identify what went wrong, what evidence to collect, and, more importantly, who may be liable.


The following are some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents that all riders should be aware of:


Head-On or Front-End Motorcycle Crashes

A head-on motorcycle collision occurs when the front of a motorcycle and that of another vehicle collide when moving in opposite directions. Unfortunately, head-on crashes frequently happen at high speeds and in a split second. When they involve a motorcycle and another car, whether it’s a van, an SUV, a sedan, or a truck, they often result in catastrophic injuries or death for the motorcyclist.


Left-Turn Crashes

These accidents occur when the driver of a vehicle makes a sudden left turn in front of a motorcycle or goes through an intersection. This can have devastating consequences for the motorcycle rider and their passenger, especially if the motorcycle is traveling at a high speed.


Often, left-turn motorcycle crashes happen when a driver fails to notice the motorcycle or misjudges the speed and distance of the approaching motorcycle. These negligent actions can result in catastrophic collisions.


The best way for riders to avoid a left-turn accident is to remain vigilant, especially at intersections, exercise patience when driving, and always try to anticipate the other motorist’s next move.


After a left-turn motorcycle accident, our Georgia motorcycle accident lawyers can gather the evidence needed to prove the other driver’s negligence and set up your claim for success. We understand the challenges motorcycle accident victims face, and, more importantly, our legal team knows how to overcome them and get results for our clients.


Dooring Accidents

Another common type of accident unique to motorcyclists in Atlanta, GA, is open-door accidents. These crashes occur when a driver or occupant of a parked car opens the door into the path of approaching traffic. Imagine you’re riding along, minding your business, eyes, and attention on the road, and suddenly, bam! You collide with an unexpectedly open car door. The impact can send you flying off your bike or veering dangerously into traffic, resulting in a disastrous crash and debilitating injuries — if you’re lucky to survive. It’s not a scenario anyone wants to experience.


Georgia driving laws and guidelines outlined by the Georgia Department of Driver Services require drivers to check for motorcycles before they open their car doors. Failing to do so constitutes negligence, and our skilled personal injury lawyers at Fry | Goehring can assist you in holding them liable for your injuries.


Rear-End Collisions

Motorcyclists are just as susceptible to rear-end crashes as other drivers. However, in many cases, riders face more significant danger of sustaining life-threatening injuries from these accidents. Rear-end motorcycle collisions occur when a vehicle strikes the back of a bike, often due to the other driver following too closely or failing to see the motorcyclist.


Rear-end motorcycle crashes can be fatal to motorcyclists. To reduce the risk of rear-end motorcycle accidents, bikers should have brake lights for signaling when slowing down or stopping, wear reflective clothing, and put some reflective parts on their bikes. This way, you can make yourself more visible to other vehicle drivers, preventing severe Atlanta rear-end collisions.


Lane-Changing Accidents

Lane-changing accidents can pose a serious threat to motorcyclists. These accidents occur when riding next to a driver who decides to change lanes and merge into yours. Such incidents often result from inattentive drivers, road rage, or when a motorcycle is in a driver’s blind spot. Drivers who fail to check their blind spots may make unsafe lane changes, crashing into motorcyclists and causing serious lane-changing accidents.


An essential tip for riders to avoid a lane-changing crash is to ensure they’re always visible. Position yourself where you can always see the other car’s mirrors. If you cannot see the other driver’s face or their vehicle’s mirrors, the chances are they can’t see you either. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to lane-changing collisions as they are frequently hidden in blind spots, making it harder for drivers to spot them.


Suppose you find yourself in a blind spot where you can’t see the other vehicle’s mirrors or the driver’s face. In that case, speed up or decelerate to move to a safer position. By staying alert and taking preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of being involved in a lane-changing crash.


Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Accidents

Not every motorcycle accident involves other vehicles; a single-vehicle accident only involves the motorcycle. However, this does not necessarily mean the rider is always to blame for the crash. Typically, single-vehicle wrecks in Georgia occur when a biker bumps into something on the road.


Here are some common types of single-vehicle motorcycle crashes:


  • Collision with a fixed object: A fixed object collision occurs when a motorcycle bumps into an unmoving object like a tree, pole, road sign, traffic barrier, or guardrail.


While the most common causes of these crashes are drunk driving and speeding, this is not always the case. For several reasons, someone else could be at fault for your accident. If you crash into a fixed object because of another party’s fault, our resourceful Atlanta motorcycle crash attorneys may be able to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.


  • Low-side crash or corner-turning accidents: Georgia boasts some seriously gorgeous winding roads, such as Cohutta-Chattahoochee Scenic Byway and Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway, ideal for cruising with your motorcycle. However, it’s recommended that you do so with extreme caution. It’s easy for a motorcyclist to get involved in a low-side crash if they take a corner too fast.


Low-side accidents occur when a bike loses traction with the tarmac or road surface, usually in a turn. This causes the motorcyclist to wipe out, causing the motorcycle to slide from under them. Common causes of low-slide motorcycle accidents include slippery road conditions, defective tires, and speeding.


  • High-side crashes: A high-side accident happens when your motorcycle temporarily loses traction with the road surface and regains it violently. As a result, your bike shimmies from side to side or flips over, and you’re thrown off, usually over the handlebars.


Determining liability can be challenging in single-vehicle motorcycle crashes, and many insurance companies will blame you for the crash. At Fry | Goehring, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers want to hear your side of the story. We know there are instances where other parties may be responsible for your accident, including another driver, vehicle manufacturers, and government entities. We can help you fight for your rights if you are injured in a single-vehicle accident.


Contributing Factors to Georgia Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents in Georgia are preventable. And while the most common cause of these types of crashes is driver error, there may also be other contributing factors, including:


  • Weather conditions
  • Poor road design
  • Poorly installed tires
  • Engine problems
  • Poor signage
  • Brake issues


Contact an Aggressive Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Georgia for Help With Your Case

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need a no-nonsense law firm that gets results for clients. You need Fry | Goehring. Regardless of the type of motorcycle accident you were involved in, you can count on us to approach your case with a determination to get the best possible results for you and your family.


At Fry | Goehring, we genuinely care about your well-being and the outcome of your motorcycle accident case. Our legal team strongly believes that all Georgia bikers deserve a voice, and we are here to see your case through to the end. We are fearless when taking on insurance companies and will fight aggressively for your right to fair compensation for medical bills, lost income, and other losses. Contact us today at 404-969-1284 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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