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Settlement over twenty times the prior offer
We filed a law-suit, and shortly thereafter we obtained a settlement over twenty times the prior offer.
A driver that was illegally taking opioids
Our Firm helped a gentleman that was hit by a driver that was illegally taking opioids, which affected his driving. This caused serious injuries to our client. We had multiple depositions, worked with a toxicologist and other experts, and were ultimately able to obtain a very large, and confidential settlement, for our very deserving client.
Five times the initial offer
We received a referral case from another attorney. It was a hit and run case with a low offer, which is common for these types of cases. After our firm filed suit, we were able to take the case to mediation and settled for 5 times the initial offer.
Five times the initial offer
Following mediation, the insurance company ended up agreeing to pay 2.5 times the amount of its prior statutory offer of settlement to resolve the case and avoid a jury trial.
Recently settled at mediation for a confidential, but significant amount
We represented a very nice Hispanic lady that was severely injured when a thermos she was carrying blew up causing her eye damage. We spent significant time and resources on this case, and working with another Firm, recently settled at mediation for a confidential, but significant amount. Our client and her family were thrilled that we took the time, and the risk, to assist in this very serious matter.
Settlement over six times the previous offer
We recently represented a man that was bitten by a dog, that was not on a leash and not restrained as required by the applicable laws and ordinances. The initial offer to this gentleman did not even cover his medical bills. Our firm took over his case, and we secured a settlement of over six times the previous offer. We were happy to secure a great settlement for one of many dog bites cases that we handle every year.

Rear End Collision Lawyers in Atlanta

So you got rear-ended at Spaghetti Junction, the connector, or on any one of the Peachtrees? What now?


Rear-end collisions are the worst crashes no one ever sees coming — one moment, you’re sitting in your vehicle at a stoplight, and the next, you hear a loud crash from behind.


While some rear-end crashes are fender benders that result in little damage and minor injuries, you and the occupants of your vehicle might not be so lucky.


If you or someone you love suffered injuries in an Atlanta rear-end crash, please do not risk taking on the offending driver, insurance companies, or Georgia’s legal system on your own. The skilled rear-end collision attorneys in Atlanta at Fry | Goehring are ready to fight on your behalf. As fierce and tireless advocates for injury victims in Georgia, our legal team is committed to helping auto accident victims and their families secure financial recovery.


Contact our rear-end collision attorneys in Atlanta today at 404-969-1284 for powerful legal representation in your rear-end collision case.


Common Causes of Rear-End Auto Accidents

A rear-end crash occurs when a driver crashes into the car directly in front of them from behind. These auto accidents often happen in congested traffic, at a stop sign, or at a red light.


Typically, sudden deceleration is the main culprit in rear-end crashes. However, as with all auto accidents, rear-end accidents can happen for several reasons and in different circumstances. By far, the leading causes of rear-end collisions include:


Unsafe Speed

Consider this scenario: A driver on an interstate highway is driving too fast for the conditions. Consequently, it becomes impossible for them to decelerate on time when confronted with changing traffic conditions, resulting in a rear-end crash.


Distracted Driving

Consider this scenario: A driver patiently halts their car at a red light, minding their business. Now, here comes the twist: the driver behind them is texting while driving. Oblivious to the red light and the car ahead, they keep cruising ahead at full throttle. And what happens next? Instead of safely navigating through the intersection, they crash into the stationary vehicle directly in front of them. Ouch!


Impaired Driving

Consider this scenario: There’s a driver who’s had too much to drink and is not in any shape to be behind the wheel — Georgia’s legal blood alcohol limit is 0.08%. Their ability to think clearly and judge distances and speeds has taken a serious hit due to their compromised state. Now, up ahead, the driver of another vehicle suddenly hits the brakes to stop. But the intoxicated driver, struggling with their fuzzy sense of distance and speed, crashes into the car in front.



Consider this scenario: A driver follows the car directly in front of them too closely. The driver in front decelerates abruptly or suddenly stops due to a road hazard. The tailgating driver may not have enough time or distance to stop when the front car decelerates and collides with them.


Weather Conditions

Consider this scenario: You find yourself navigating through a dense fog that envelops the road. As visibility diminishes drastically, you struggle to gauge the distance between your car and the vehicle in front. Despite your cautious driving, another driver behind you needs to adapt to the conditions in time. Unaware of your cautious driving due to the thick fog, the trailing driver collides into the back of your car, resulting in a rear-end crash.


Other common causes of rear-end crashes include:

  • Reckless or aggressive driving
  • Traffic congestion
  • Stopping for pedestrians
  • Drowsy driving

Major Injuries That Victims Sustain in Rear-End Crashes

Even in low-speed rear-end crashes, serious life-changing injuries are possible. The following are some examples of injuries that plague rear-end accident victims:

  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Spinal injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Lacerations and bruising (from the airbag and/or seatbelt)
  • Broken bones


Never underestimate your injuries after a rear-end collision. Regardless of the type of injury you sustain, promptly schedule a medical evaluation to address your injuries and seek legal help to hold responsible parties accountable for your injuries and expenses.

Liability for Rear-End Collisions in Atlanta

Because Georgia is a modified comparative fault state, determining who is to blame for an accident is crucial to receiving compensation for injuries and damages.


A common misconception is that the tailing driver who rear-ended the vehicle in front is at fault. While this is generally the case, mitigating circumstances can complicate determining liability in a rear-end collision. Besides, rear-end accident cases in Georgia are often hotly contested, especially when severe injuries and extensive property damage are involved.


Ultimately, determining fault after a rear-end crash in Atlanta boils down to “negligence.” To establish fault in a Georgia auto accident lawsuit, the claimant must provide evidence to prove that the other driver failed to fulfill their duty to exercise reasonable care behind the wheel and that their negligence was the direct cause of injuries and losses.


According to GA Code § 40-6-49, all drivers have a duty to leave enough distance between their vehicles and the car in front of them to prevent a crash in the event of changes in conditions. This is why drivers who rear-end a vehicle are typically considered at least partially to blame for the crash. However, there are scenarios where liability is not automatic, and the leading driver may be held partly responsible for a rear-end accident. Some examples include:

  • If the leading vehicle has broken tail lights
  • If the leading driver failed to use turn signals
  • If the leading driver suddenly backs up
  • If the leading driver fails to engage their vehicle’s hazard lights when they stop in the middle of the road


When To Consult an Atlanta Rear-End Collision Lawyer

Many people think that because Georgia’s rear-end collision laws require all drivers to maintain a safe distance from the car in front, their rear-end accident cases are straightforward and don’t need a lawyer. On the contrary, things can get complicated and fast. From the start, you should seek experienced legal representation to gather evidence, negotiate with the other drivers and insurance companies, and, more importantly, fight for the best possible settlement.


Our Atlanta rear-end collision attorneys at Fry | Goehring can argue mitigating circumstances and show actuarial data to prove fault and fight for the maximum possible compensation. Contact our legal team if:

  • You were the tailing driver, but you believe the leading driver was to blame.
  • You suffered injuries that required medical attention and/or time off work.
  • Your child was in the car, and they suffered injuries in the rear-end collision.
  • The other driver was uninsured.
  • You lost a loved one, such as a parent, child, or spouse, in the crash.


Our Atlanta Rear-End Collision Lawyers Will Stand Up for You

After a rear-end collision, we urge you to reach out to our seasoned Atlanta rear-end collision lawyers at Fry | Goehring. Our legal team has seen its fair share of Atlanta car accident claims and can help you recover emotionally, physically, and financially after a rear-end collision.


Our attorneys are diligent problem solvers skilled at helping injured victims achieve their legal objectives. With our Atlanta rear-end accident attorneys in your corner, you can count on receiving effective advocacy and superior representation from start to finish. We only win when you do! Contact us online or call 404-969-1284 to schedule your free consultation. We are ready to help.

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