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Randy E. Fry

Founding Partner

Randy E. Fry has represented clients since 1999, devoting himself entirely to personal injury matters. During law school, he gained valuable experience with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, and spent many subsequent years working with three litigation firms in the metro Atlanta area. His practice and trial experience encompass the full spectrum of aggressively representing individuals who’ve suffered injuries, and unfortunately sometimes death, due to the negligence of others. Mr. Fry represents individuals who were involved in automobile collisionstrucking accidentsmotorcycle wrecks, bicycle accidents, dog bite injuriesnursing home abuseslip and fall incidentson-the-job injuries, and other types of personal injury matters.

Mr. Fry belongs to the Atlanta Bar Association, the Dekalb County Bar Association, and the American Association of Justice. He is also an active member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Fry has lectured other trial lawyers on various trial strategy and litigation topics and was most recently a featured speaker at a seminar for attorneys entitled “Pre-suit and Post-suit Investigation and Tactics.”

A graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, Mr. Fry earned his Juris Doctor from the John Marshall School of Law. He is admitted to practice in the state courts of Georgia, as well as the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia, and the U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit.

Randy is the son of a 2-Star Navy Admiral and attorney. He learned through example, on a daily basis, that strong leadership and determination is required when fighting for justice on behalf of others. His mother is a professional musician and teacher, from whom he learned the importance of deep caring, compassion, and concern for those in need. When not practicing law, Randy enjoys traveling, reading, living his passion for exercise (including weight lifting and running), volunteering with various charitable causes (including time with special needs children and adults), and enjoying time with his nephews, niece, and entire family.

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Replies from Mr. Fry

I have always admired my father, as a husband, father, Naval Admiral, and attorney. We would often have dinner as a family, and my dad would share stories that always piqued my interest. He would explain situations that folks in our community needed help with, or situations that arose where he was called upon for assistance. Although keeping names in the strictest of confidence, I was amazed to hear so many situations and learn how, through hard work and a good dose of creativity, my dad could help transform people’s lives. I discovered that sometimes even “small victories” for his clients could, at times, be life altering. After seeing what a true impact this one attorney could have on others, I knew my calling would be to help others in their deepest and darkest hours. I not only wanted to be a personal injury attorney, but a trial attorney… engaged in the trenches of the courtroom. Even today, some twenty-one years after being sworn in as an attorney, I truly am amazed and grateful that again, one “small victory” can be a life-changer for a family in need.

I had the opportunity to represent a young man who was hit while driving his motorcycle. A friend had called and asked me to drive that very night, some 120 miles in a storm, to another state to meet with this potential client. I walked into the hospital room just past midnight and this gentleman was lying in bed, alone, tears running down his face, in a complete body cast. He had been told that he may never be able to produce children due to the physical trauma he had suffered. After a two-hour conversation, he decided to put his trust in me and my law firm. As the months passed, we dedicated tremendous time and attention to his case. We spent time together as his health slowly progressed and he was able to transition to his friend’s home, then to a rehabilitation center, and then finally to his own home. The insurance company offered many defenses based on assumptions that we felt were simply not true. I visited the scene of the incident on many occasions and spent time with numerous witnesses over a two-year time span. We eventually settled for millions of dollars (which represented the entire insurance that was applicable). This settlement enabled our young client to continue getting his life back on track and to ultimately regain his career as a professional kickboxer/fighter. Just recently he announced his engagement and that it was now possible for him to become a biological father!

I find that the best courtroom attorneys are firstly leaders in the “outside world”. In other words, being an effective leader translates into becoming an effective trial lawyer. A deep desire to “win” is not enough. One must have true compassion… not just passion. This cannot be manufactured. Clients have a strong sense of who we are as their attorneys. A lawyer must also have an optimistic view of life, and a hopeful vision of the future. We often meet people during the lowest of their lows. Our clients rely on us to remind and reassure them that, although nothing is guaranteed, there are legal tools that we can effectively utilize. Leadership, combined with a positive outlook on life, brings hope to clients when they need it the most.

Many areas of the law are evolving to become more “technology-driven”. However, personal injury law still requires a high-level human interaction. Those who distinguish themselves really get to know their clients, spend time with their families, and experience first-hand how tragedy has affected them. Connecting with our clients is crucial. In this era of reduced human interaction, lawyers that are not afraid to express their genuine concern, and at times expose their own vulnerabilities, will continue to lead the field. Technology will change… but a commitment to helping transform lives in a positive, intentional, and deliberate manner will endure.