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Atticus Fry

Firm Mascot

Born on August 8, 2020, Atticus Fry, formerly known as “Bill”, grew up with the normal challenges of living in a large pack, and moreover being the “runt” with three siblings. After months of searching, Mr. Fry, owner/founder of Fry | Goehring, and Atticus chose each other and became dad and son.

After a brief period of negotiations, Atticus agreed to take on the last name of Fry, as Mr. Fry can be quite persuasive.

According to Human Resources at the Firm, Atticus’s responsibilities as the Firm mascot consist of playing fetch, looking cute during business hours, giving kisses to staff members during breaks, organizing his toys, greeting clients, and giving the other team members daily “therapy” sessions when needed!

In his free time, and oh does he have free time, Atticus’ favorite hobbies are watching intently each Firm member at work, every day, all day. Atticus also loves playing catch, watching dog videos, seeking attention wherever he goes, chewing viciously anything in sight, and giving Dad lots of kisses 24/7.


As soon as we all successfully conquer Covid and are able to safely travel again, Atticus is most excited about meeting and playing with his Mamaw and Papa Fry located in Chattanooga, TN, and traveling the country with Dad with the goal of visiting as many beaches as possible, as Atticus shares Mr. Fry’s extreme passion for beaches and sunshine. Again, we are excited to announce this new addition to our growing GA law firm, and thank you Atticus Fry for being part of our Firm Family!