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Work Zone Accidents: Determining Fault

By: Fry | Goehring

Before you assume full responsibility for a work zone accident, take a closer look at a few factors. It’s possible that your accident was not your fault, and maybe lack of safety measures was the culprit.

Since 2010, there have been over 80,000 work zone accidents. Among those accidents, 30% of the people involved were injured. There was even a small percentage of fatalities. Yes, these accidents could have been caused by negligence, but it is also possible that these accidents occurred for some other reason. It’s possible that some of these accidents were caused by improper work zone safety measures.


We’ve all seen work zone signs and warnings along the roadways from time to time. It’s a common occurrence that we may have grown accustomed to while driving. Most of these road construction sites have barriers, signs, and even flashing lights alerting us and keeping us safe while passing by.

On the other hand, there have been faults involved in these safety measures. Maybe one or two extremely important indicators were absent, and yes, this makes all the difference. There is a protocol to keep in mind when creating a safe environment surrounding the work zone. Keep this in mind.

Although, to most people, heavy equipment is easily recognizable. Unfortunately, potholes and other hard to recognize issues can cause distractions, and even, in rare circumstances, accidents. Therefore you have to understand the rights and the regulations of safety in the work zone.

Work zone accidents occur sometimes without warning, and this is how you determine fault. Even the smallest change in the roadways must be reported to the public. If not, the public cannot be at fault for an accident. If you recognize faults in the work zone safety, please contact authorities.


There are other regulations that govern fault as well. Signs must be tall enough to be seen by the public and the distance from construction must be clearly understood in warning alerts. Even the smallest details must be outlined for the work zone. Most road construction sites do comply with these safety measures, but some, unfortunately, do not. The truth can be discovered with the facts.


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