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Work Zone Accident: Confusing Cones

By: Fry | Goehring

Construction Equipment

Every driver’s worst nightmare is encountering an unknown variable on a road well-traveled. While work zone cones may create cause for concern, there is an expectation that the work crew will have set up clear directions on how to navigate the temporary road layout or any deters. However, what happens when cones cause confusion?

While most work zone accidents occur due to drivers not taking extra care by slowing down and following signage, in some cases the cones that are intended to guide traffic are not laid out correctly. Effectively, work zone cones should provide adequate space and visibility for drivers to make it through the affected segment of the road without incident.

Work Zone Accidents

A work zone accident may occur due to how cones direct the flow of traffic. For example, if there is a detour sign but cones stop short of the cone, drivers may become confused and veer into a hazard. These errors have the potential to result in serious consequences for road users who are caught up in accidents.

Slowing down or stopping due to confusion is another common catalyst of work zone accidents. Poorly marked work zones may cause drivers to slow down, stop suddenly, or attempt to turn around in traffic. It is the responsibility of the work crew to ensure that work zone cones help, rather than hinder the steady flow of traffic.

Work Zone Construction Areas

Work zone cones are designed to serve another purpose, besides directing civilian traffic. If there are construction workers and vehicles on the site, cones should provide a barrier from the floor of vehicles navigating their way through the work zone. Unfortunately, the area does not always lend itself to large construction vehicles maneuvering around without needing to encroach upon traffic lanes.

If you are driving through a work zone and a construction vehicle reverses onto the road in front of you, any resulting accident may not be your fault. The work crew should set up cones to cordon off construction areas or use traffic direction equipment to create a safe environment for both workers and civilian motorists.

It is also important that any equipment that is positioned on the road is marked or well-lit to help avoid collisions. Work zone accidents can be avoided by providing drivers with as much clear direction as possible. It is important for construction crews to remember that most people drive the same roads every day, so any deviation from the expected lane setup can cause confusion.

Work Zone Accident Lawyer

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