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Why You NEED a Dash Camera!

By: Fry | Goehring

Car dash camera footage is all over social media.  A favorite stop for YouTube viewers is the clips from the crazy to the cringe-worthy from dashboard-mounted cameras. Why risk it? There are countless drivers on the road each day and even more driving interactions!

Dash Camera

Being defensive with your own driving is the safest and easiest way to protect yourself. Sometimes, regardless of how safe of a driver you are, you need to protect yourself AFTER an accident, or altercation. For this, a dash camera is perfect.



Although these useful tools are legal, it is still important to do research to make sure you are using them right. Check out this article by Lifewire that goes into more detail about possible legalities one may face if the proper research isn’t done first. To sum what the article says,

There are two concerns:

  1. Obstructing your view. As long as your camera takes up less than a 5 inch square on the driver’s side and a 7 inch square on the passenger’s side, you will be fine.
  2. Making sure which types of dash cameras are legal in your state.

Since the new hands-free driving laws have come into effect, one may question whether or not a dashcam applies. One specific rule is that a driver cannot record video while driving, but is noted that this does not apply to dash cameras that record continuous video. So as long as your camera is mounted and you are not physically operating it, you will be good to go! (For more info, check out our other postTo be absolutely sure of these legalities, you can reach out to local law enforcement, or government agencies.


Vehicle accidents are very traumatic events. It is very likely that one person’s story is completely different than the other. A good example would be if you are driving on the highway, and you hit the brakes to slow down due to traffic up ahead, and a vehicle hits you from behind. The driver that struck you may say that you switched lanes last minute and caused the crash when in reality they should have put enough space between their vehicle and yours to stop in this situation.

car accident

In a disputed situation, a dash camera will show exactly what you did, and demonstrate that you were driving appropriately. This is hugely beneficial to accident cases because there is tangible visible evidence showing the exact circumstances of the accident.

Also – most dash cams keep a record of your speed and location, which can also be hugely important to an accident case.

Although car accident cases have a lot of different sources of evidence, a dash camera can be one of the most efficient and effective ways of proving your position in the case. This is also why when purchasing a dash cam you should note the video quality. If you record your accident, and all you can see is two little blurs, it will be very hard to distinguish any useful information from the fog. Whereas a clear video can show the exact circumstances of the accident and can be a powerful advantage in the courtroom.


We all like to think it doesn’t happen, but there are villains out there trying to take advantage of how our world works (and not in a good way). People will try to cause accidents, but make it seem as though they are the victim. A specific example would be if someone were to drive in a VERY dangerous way, such as driving on the highway and brake checking those behind them. Although they are trying to cause the accident, it won’t look like that when the police arrive. When someone is rear-ended, it is very difficult to argue that the person in the back is not at fault.

Now if you had a dash camera, and, for example, could show that you were driving safely when a person changed lanes right in front of you and slammed on the brakes for no reason, you would have a significant defense that the accident was not your fault.

Another example and there are plenty of videos online showing this, is people jumping in front of your vehicle on the street. Some of the more comical videos show the driver completely stopping, and the person running INTO their car and punching, jumping on, or other methods of causing dents to prove that they were struck. Do yourself an entertainment favor and search funny dash cam videos on YouTube!


A less somber reason to have a dashcam would be to save memories from road trips or vacations. Dash cameras have come a long way so you may be surprised to find that you have a perfect video of the trips you have gone on. Instead of pulling out your phone and trying to capture a scene (which is illegal if you are driving!) you can look back at your dashcam footage and save the best videos to enjoy as a memento of your trip.


Although there are some super pricey dash cams, you can get a dashcam sometimes as low as ~$20! The more you spend, the more features will become available to you, but you can use your own needs as a method of choosing the right dashcam. If you only want to record while you drive, and have no use for other features, then you can look at the cheaper ones that only provide a recording. If you need more features, you can search for them and choose the cam that is right for you.

The Biology of Technology tech blog offers helpful suggestions on selecting a dash cam that’s right for you.  

Ultimately, if you drive a lot and frequently interact with other drivers on the road, having a dash cam can be a hugely beneficial tool to keep you protected from a variety of things. They can also be very fun to have since you can look back on road trips and driving experiences and relive the experience!