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Why Lane Splitting is Dangerous

By: Fry | Goehring

Motorcycles are a popular form of transport in Georgia and around the country. Riding a motorcycle makes the cyclist feel free and uninhibited. For some, riding a motorcycle is a way of life as well as a means of transport. However, it is important for all motorcyclists to adhere to the safety rules of the road as otherwise, accidents will happen. Lane splitting is a practice that can cost lives or leave motorcyclists paralyzed, yet the practice persists.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is not an uncommon factor in Georgia motorcycle accidents. For those unfamiliar with the term, lane splitting is the practice of cutting in between lanes to pass traffic. Cars do not have the luxury of using the middle of the lane to pass in traffic in this way but motorcycles, with their ability to maneuver through tight spaces, have no such restriction.

The practice presents numerous risks in that other vehicles may not expect to see motorcycles maneuvering in such away. From other vehicles attempting to switch lanes or passengers opening doors in stopped traffic, motorcyclists take their lives in their hands when they are lane splitting.

Georgia Law

The practice of lane splitting is prohibited under Georgia law. Therefore, if a motorcyclist is lane splitting and gets involved in an accident, the other party can hold the motorcyclist liable for any injuries suffered. With that said, there are some incidents of lane splitting where a motorcyclist is not liable even though the practice is illegal in Georgia.

If another vehicle attempts to change lanes and a motorcyclist is already occupying that space, he has few options to avoid getting an accident. The motorcyclist may decide to split lanes between vehicles to avoid an accident. If an accident does occur the motorcyclist cannot be held responsible for simply attempting to avoid being hit by another vehicle.

These cases present lawyers with the problem of figuring out who is liable for the accident. You will need a lawyer in Georgia who has encountered accidents involving lane splitting and so understands the complexities involved.

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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