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Why Do Truck Cases Take More Time

By: Fry | Goehring

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Like all accident cases, truck accidents take time. Whereas smaller vehicle accidents tend to be less damaging and dangerous, truck accidents are more likely to be extremely dangerous and damaging. So it is understandable why truck cases tend to take a lot longer to settle than other cases.

Here is a look into what goes into settling truck cases.


With truck accidents, property damage and medical bills tend to be significantly higher. Injuries from these accidents may require months, years, or even a lifetime of treatment to improve. While less damaging accident cases may only take months to a year, these accidents can take a significantly longer amount of time.

Getting compensation for medical treatment that has already been completed is significantly easier than getting compensation for future treatment. Although we see this all the time, and successfully get our clients this compensation, future medical treatment requires a lot more in-depth medical records, doctor recommendations, and treatment plans to be considered by the insurance company.


In less severe accidents, property damage is generally handled pretty quickly. When a truck accident occurs, the severity of the damage is usually significantly higher. Information about property damage at this point becomes more important to the case, as the property damage is directly related to the injuries suffered.

When building your case, your attorney will thoroughly evaluate the property damage, collect pictures, and documentation from the police report, mechanic, and insurance company. All of this documentation not only reinforces your case, but gives the insurance company a solid reason to consider every injury you suffered, and compensate you fairly for treatment.


Evidence in trucking cases is extremely important and should be collected thoroughly. It is best to get an attorney as quickly as possible after a trucking accident, as getting some evidence can take a very long time. Some evidence that your attorney may collect might include accident reconstruction, witness interviews, videos of the accident location, information from the trucking company, and even expert reviews.

This is one of the most time-consuming processes involved in a trucking case and requires creativity and attention to detail from your attorney. The more time your attorney has to collect this evidence gives your case a better chance to succeed.

Accidents involving trucks can be devastating, and the absolute most important thing is to make sure that you recover as fully as possible after one of these accidents. Getting an attorney that goes above and beyond to work with you before, during, and after treatment is extremely important as well. Attorneys have a huge circle of medical providers that you as a client can benefit from.

There are many financial options available to clients that give them the ability to seek treatment and pay bills while the case is pending. If you have more questions about the types of services we provide, please call us at (404) 969-1284, or contact us HERE.