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What is MedPay?

MedPay is a relatively inexpensive service that you can opt into with your auto insurance. While it may slightly increase your insurance bill, it is worth it if you are ever injured in a car accident.

You can pay whatever MedPay you want, and every insurance company is different, and prices will vary slightly. A common amount of MedPay coverage is $1,000 per accident, but this amount can vary by insurance company and policy; be sure to talk to your insurance agent about your options.

MedPay is essentially an add-on to your auto insurance that acts like a small health insurance policy for you, your passengers, and members of your household. So, for example, if you’re in a car accident and must go to the emergency room, MedPay from your auto policy can be used to help pay your hospital bill.


When you get auto insurance, you have the option to accept or decline MedPay. If you choose to take it, you’ll pay a small amount on top of your car insurance, but now you’ll have between $1,000 and $10,000 per accident to use for medical bills and expenses. This includes members of your household and will cover you if you are involved in any type of car accident, whether you are in a car or struck as a pedestrian.

Generally, when someone is involved in a car accident, they will likely visit the emergency room or a medical provider within a few hours of the event. When you are injured, your MedPay can essentially be used as “free” money to pay for medical bills.

Many times, your attorney can talk to medical providers and stop billing, but some providers cannot. This circumstance is one of many where MedPay can make a big difference.

Imagine that you are walking down the street, and a vehicle hits you and you must go to the emergency room. After the ER visit, she is left with a large bill and a large copay on her health insurance. This would leave him with an emergency room bill that he must pay out of pocket. MedPay can help him pay this bill while he waits for his accident case to settle.


To use your MedPay, you send medical bills to your insurance company, and they can either send you the money directly or pay the bills directly. Your attorney and a paralegal can help you with this process to make it easy for you as they are already collecting the medical bills on your case.

So, for example, if your MedPay is $5,000 and you have $3,000 in medical bills, you can send the medical bills to your insurance provider, withdraw the $3,000, and immediately pay for your medical care, without straining financially until your case is finished.


No, if you were injured and used MedPay for your medical treatment, your attorney will still use your full medical bills as in any other case. When the case is completed, instead of having to use a portion of the settlement funds to pay medical bills, it will go directly to you.

MedPay is an extremely beneficial and lesser-known part of car insurance. It can make a difference when you need medical treatment but may not be able to pay for it out of pocket.

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