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UTV Accidents Primarily Result in Head Injuries

By: Fry | Goehring

If you have ever been a passenger in a UTV over rough terrain, you will understand what it means to be in for a bumpy ride. Unlike ATVs, Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) are not designed primarily for leisure activities. These vehicles often perform an important function for transporting or hauling equipment. A UTV is relatively safe to drive, despite the lack of protective carriages, but that doesn’t mean accidents can’t occur.

In most cases, UTV accidents are the result of careless handling of the vehicle. Since both the driver and passengers are afforded very little in the way of protection, head injuries are a common result of UTV accidents. These vehicles, while typically larger than ATVs, are still considerably smaller than many road vehicles. If you are involved in a UTV accident with another road user, there is also an increased risk of suffering serious head injuries.

Avoiding UTV Accidents

A UTV is often a hugely beneficial vehicle type for farmers or those who live off the grid. Due to the increased risk of head injuries associated with UTV accidents, it is important to take additional safety measures when operating or riding in these vehicles. The following is a guideline for operating and maintaining a UTV to help reduce the risk of an accident.

When purchasing a UTV, check that the vehicle has a built-in roll-over protection system

Familiarize yourself with a UTV before operating the vehicle. This includes reading the operator’s manual. Take special note of any associated hazards, safety features, and controls for the vehicle.

Carry out regular inspections of your UTV and controls – especially prior to each use

Utilize seatbelts and other safety equipment when riding in a UTV or hauling a trailer. Do not allow passengers to ride a UTV off-side or in a connected trailer

Never place limbs, body, or head outside of the UTV. No matter how small the vehicle, do not attempt to use your hands to prevent the UTV from tipping over

Although a UTV is designed to handle relatively rough terrain, maintain legal speeds, and adjust speed as necessary to navigate hazards

Avoid steep slopes or terrain that is otherwise uneven in order to avoid UTV accidents which are more likely to result in head injuries

Have You Suffered Head Injuries in a UTV Accident?

If you have suffered serious head injuries as the result of a UTV accident that wasn’t your fault, you may wish to seek compensation. Fry | Goehring specializes in all kinds of auto accidents, including those involving UTVs. We can provide a free consultation where you will have the opportunity to share further details of your accident with a qualified legal professional in Georgia.

Together we can help reduce the instances of head injuries resulting from UTV accidents in Georgia. Call the offices of the Fry | Goehring today to discuss the impact that serious head injuries have had on your life. We are committed to fighting for fair compensation on behalf of our clients and raising awareness of the dangers of incorrectly handled UTVs in Georgia.