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If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, you know how physically and mentally painful it can be to go through. Whether you received a whole host of injuries because of the crash, or your car was totaled due to the amount of damage, accidents can be tough to deal with. They can be especially challenging when the collision is with a large commercial truck.

But is it worse to deal with this type of accident when you’re driving a truck or driving a car? Really, when it comes to accidents, injuries, and potentially dealing with litigation, there’s really no winner in this contest. However, there are stark differences in the way that an accident is handled when it’s with a commercial truck, versus a regular car accident.


When you’re driving a commercial truck, an accident on the road could mean that your livelihood is at stake. Depending on how major the accident is, you could potentially lose your commercial driver’s license and possibly even your job.

Liability will also vary, depending on whether the truck driver was an independent contractor or an employee of the company. If the truck driver was an independent contractor, there will be a lot of investigation into whether the company is liable for the damage—which could potentially delay payments for medical bills and damage to the vehicles.


When you’re driving a regular car and get into an accident with a commercial truck, the potential for injuries and damage to your vehicle is much greater than a typical car accident due to the sheer size of a commercial truck as well as what kind of load they’re carrying.

Trucking companies can also often be negligent in their responsibilities to maintain their trucks and ensure that they are regulated for safety. They can push their drivers to the limits and ignore the proper weight loading of a tractor-trailer and pressure their drivers to exceed legal limits on driving hours. If a company is resistant to admitting fault in an accident, this can delay payment for medical bills and potentially, lost wages or funeral expenses.

Getting into an accident with a tractor-trailer can be life-altering. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a crash in Georgia, contact the Fry | Goehring at (404) 948-3571. We can help you pursue compensation and understand your rights.