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Big commercial trucks use a lot of fuel. All commercial trucks use diesel fuel, which is much harder to ignite than regular fuel. However, because these large trucks carry 100 gallons of diesel fuel at any given time, if this fuel is ignited it can cause large truck fire accidents. A truck fire accident is possible if the truck crashes and is carrying flammable materials, which gives the diesel fuel an ignition source or if the truck rolls over, causing the battery box to ignite.

Trucks can very suddenly catch fire after an accident, which can spread quickly. If you have been in an accident with a truck that catches fire, it’s best to clear the scene and get to a safe location just as quickly as possible. Once you see flames appear from a truck, call the fire department immediately as fireballs or explosions can erupt suddenly. These fires tend to break out quickly, and it can be difficult for drivers and passengers to escape—particularly if they have injuries from the accident. If a driver or passenger cannot escape from a vehicle when there’s a truck fire, it can lead to severe and life-threatening burns.


There are a few types of burns possible from truck fire accidents. Although exposure to flames from the fire is the leading cause of burns, there are other types of burns that can happen as well. Here are a few other types of burns that may occur during this devastating type of accident:

  • Thermal burns. A driver or passenger can get thermal burns from exposure to the heat from gasoline, diesel, fabric, or flammable cargo fires. Even if there is no visible open flame, the engine or other mechanical surfaces may not seem like they are visibly hot but can cause serious burn injuries if the skin contacts them.
  • Chemical burns. If engine fluid or battery fluid is spilled, it can cause chemical damage to the skin after a truck fire accident. If a truck was loaded down with hazardous materials, it could spill out during an accident, which can pose a huge danger to other drivers and bystanders.
  • Electrical burns. A crash can cause the electrical system of a truck to spark or short circuit, which can make some of the parts on the vehicle dangerous to touch.

If you have been in an accident with a commercial vehicle that caught on fire in Georgia, causing severe burn injuries, the truck driver or the driver’s company may be negligible. Whether they failed to do a proper inspection, or the driver was working while impaired, they may be held responsible for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. If you want to pursue a lawsuit against the truck driver or commercial truck company, call the Fry Law team at (404) 948-3571 to set up a consultation today.