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Suspicious Nursing Home injuries

By: Fry | Goehring

Older relatives who have trouble with mobility or cognition may have accidents on occasion. These accidents, understandably, may result in injuries. When that elderly relative is a resident in a nursing home, ensuring that nursing home injuries are not the product of neglect or abuse is a valid suspicion to pursue.

If you are concerned that your relative is not receiving an acceptable level of treatment and respect, having the matter investigated is an option. The Department of Community Health is the state department that is responsible for carrying out investigations into nursing home abuse or neglect. You can also contact the Adult Protective Service Agency at 866-552-4464 (press option 3) or online via their website.

Suspicious Nursing Home Injuries

There are a number of warning signs to look for when you are suspicious of nursing home injuries. First, consider the mental and physical capacity of your relative or a resident you are concerned about in a nursing home. Are the injuries consistent with the resident’s mobility and mental capacity? If not, there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect.

Signs may include nursing home injuries that do not appear to be accidental. Bruises in the shape of fingerprints, frequent burns, or injuries that are always hidden are rightfully considered out of the ordinary. A resident’s behavior may also provide evidence of nursing home injuries not being consistent with an accident. If the resident is withdrawn, irritable, frightened, or is otherwise displaying suspicious behavioral changes it may suggest that something else is going on that doesn’t fit with the official story.

Seeking Legal Representation

If you suspect that nursing home abuse or neglect is occurring, you are obligated both morally and legally to report it to the state for investigation. As well as reporting abuse, relatives of a resident who has suffered nursing home abuse may pursue compensation on behalf of the injured party. There are a number of potential paths such cases may take, depending on the nature of the abuse or neglect.

Nursing home accident cases can become complicated, especially if the injured resident is fearful of medically incapable of confirming the abuse or neglect they have suffered. In these cases, it is important to have a compassionate and experienced lawyer fighting for the rights of your relative. Georgia is home to the Fry | Goehring, staffed by a team of legal professionals with a focus on serving the community.

Fry | Goehring

At the Fry | Goehring, we are more than equipped to handle a case involving alleged nursing home abuse. If you or a relative has suffered an injury while residing in a nursing home, you can rely on the Fry | Goehring in Georgia to aggressively pursue both the truth and compensation as your representative. Holding responsible parties to account is a civic duty that all of us value when it comes to protecting older families and neighbors.

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