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Signs that a Hip Replacement May Be Grounds for Medical Malpractice

By: Fry | Goehring

Medical malpractice is by no means an easy case to prove in many instances. Sometimes the signs of medical malpractice are subtle, and the patient may feel that his symptoms are consistent with expected results. However, if errors were made with your surgery it could result in complications that leave you partially incapacitated.

Your mobility, symptoms, and medical records will tell the story of your hip replacement journey and may provide clues as to whether there is a case for medical malpractice. An experienced personal injury lawyer will seek to obtain any pertinent records that will help establish fault on the part of a surgeon, other medical professions, or the treatment provider (hospital).

Understanding Hip Surgery Errors

One of the challenges that a lawyer will encounter is establishing whether there was a need for hip surgery in a medical malpractice case. The next step is hiring a qualified medical expert to interpret records and opine on as to whether errors were made during the surgery. Such errors may constitute medical malpractice and lead to you, the patient, pursuing a claim against the responsible parties.

As the complainant, you are required to show proof that medical malpractice occurred. These cases are difficult to prove if you do not have an experienced lawyer fighting on your side. It is essential that a medical professional of equal or higher qualifications is hired to look over records and act as an expert witness in proving your case.

Textbook Recommendations

There are various factors to consider when you attempt to bring a case of medical malpractice against a surgeon. There are expected risks involved in this type of surgery which should have been explained to you, pre-surgery. This includes discussing the benefits, potential complications, and other important considerations of going ahead with the surgery.

Your medical condition pre-surgery, any complaints you may have, the objective findings of your doctor, and how your surgery aligns with what is said in medical textbooks about performing the procedure are some of the other factors that are considered. It is also important that you record your complaints regarding symptoms and injuries, as well as seeking medical treatment.

Signs of a Bad Hip Replacement

Examples of a bad hip replacement would include issues that reduce your mobility and increase your pain to levels that are worse than pre-surgery. Examples of problems you may face may include a leg that is shortened, excessive pain and stiffness, and infection stemming from the area surrounding the hip replacement. These signs alone are not enough to establish medical malpractice, but they may give you grounds to pursue a case.

Speaking to an expert personal injury lawyer in Georgia will help you build evidence of medical malpractice if you have suffered complications. There is no guarantee that you will have a case but you may never find out if you do not consult with an accident lawyer who understands medical malpractice cases.

You can discuss your medical malpractice case with a legal professional from the Fry | Goehring today. Make that call and seek the potential of fair compensation for injuries resulting from a hip replacement.