Georgia Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

Premise liability is not the same across the board from a legal perspective. The circumstances of an accident and the types of accidents that a premises owner is responsible for are important factors to consider. There are common premise liability examples that may compel an injured party to consider hiring an accident lawyer. The following are accidents that are more likely to occur on public or private premises in the state of Georgia.

Dog Bites

When you enter premises where there is a dog, you run the risk of being bitten – even if you have encountered the dog in the past without incident. Holding the owner of the premises responsible for the dog bite can be difficult if the attack occurred in Georgia. You must show that the dog posed a danger, the owner was careless in handling the dog, and that there was no provocation of the dog on the part of the injured party. You should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you build a compelling case if you have been bitten by a dog in Georgia.

Hotel Injuries

Staying at a hotel is usually a pleasant experience where you get to relax and let others do all the work; including providing food and keeping you entertained. Unfortunately, premise liability accidents often occur in or around hotels. You may suffer from food poisoning, slip and fall, or suffer injury as the result of an assault. In these cases, and other examples, you are entitled to seek compensation from the hotel owners. Large hotel chains typically have an expert legal team on the payroll so consider hiring an experienced accident lawyer.

Slip and Falls

If you slip and fall on any premises, there is a chance that the owner or operator is responsible for covering the costs of medical bills and other damages. Restaurants and bars are types of premises that are often involved in slip and fall accidents, due to the nature of these businesses. Waiters or bar staff may spill drinks which, if not cleaned up quickly, can result in serious injury to one or more patrons. There are reasonable expectations of staff in any premises to address hazards that could cause a slip and fall quickly. It is up to you or your lawyer to show that the accident could have been avoided if reasonable precautions were in place.

Parking Lot Injuries

Commercial parking lots that are not properly maintained may end up becoming the subject of a premise liability lawsuit. In these cases, it is crucial that you establish who is responsible quickly as there are different statutes of limitations depending on who is liable for maintaining the parking lot. You can consult with a Georgia accident attorney who can provide advice or representation if you have a case for pursuing compensation.

Premise liability is a complex area of the law, regardless of whether you were injured on personal or business premises. You may benefit from a free consultation with a legal professional from the Fry | Goehring. Call today to find out how we can help you determine if you have grounds for a premise liability case.