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Pain and Suffering: Emotional Stress

By: Fry | Goehring

ow can you fully calculate the cost of an accident? There is more to life than material property, after all. If you have been involved in an accident there is a legal definition for some of the non-economic losses you may incur.

Pain and suffering describes general or non-economic losses (NEL) resulting from an accident. After an accident, most people think about tangible damages to property or costs which are measurable in terms of an exact amount of money. However, pain and suffering plays a crucial part in any claim for compensation.

You may not have much in the way of losses to claim for due to your personal circumstances at the time of an accident. For instance, an unemployed or retired individual cannot claim lost wages. In these instances, pain and suffering would account for the largest portion of compensation.

Legal Implications

How pain and suffering is considered and calculated will depend on the nature of the accident and injuries suffered. The laws surrounding a slip and fall accident are not equivalent to those which deal with auto accidents, for instance. In order to successfully fight a claim for pain-suffering compensation, you will likely need an experienced personal injury lawyer in your corner.

Calculating what your pain and suffering is worth in money is not something that can be achieved first bringing a case for compensation. However, a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law can consult with you to help you determine if you have a good case to pursue compensation for pain and suffering in the state of Georgia.

Pain & Suffering Calculation

No personal injury lawyer can or should provide you with a fixed amount of what you can claim for pain and suffering. A rough estimate, based on five times your economic losses, is often used to provide a figure. However, at the Fry | Goehring, we prefer to provide prospective clients with a full and impartial consultation before proposing a strategy for claiming compensation.

The value of pain and suffering compensation is based on both physical and emotional pain that has resulted from an accident. As a completely individual experience, a personal injury lawyer should approach your case based on its own merits. Emotional distress may arise from physical pain, PTSD, stress or strain on personal relationships.

Treatment for Emotional Distress

Although receiving treatment for emotional distress after an accident can help validate a claim for pain and suffering, the more critical issue is that you receive the help that you need to recover. Emotional distress is very real and can have a significantly adverse effect on the lives of injured parties, their family and friends. You owe it to those you love and yourself to pursue all appropriate treatment options available to you in the state of Georgia.

If you need a lawyer who will treat you with compassion and understanding, reach out to the team at the Fry | Goehring. We provide community-based consultation and representation to those who have suffered emotional distress as the result of an accident.