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Pain and Suffering: Determining Damages

By: Fry | Goehring

The pain and suffering experienced from an injury can be devastating. No, you don’t have to just deal with that added trauma. You do have rights in this area.

There may be compensation for pain and suffering, depending on the individual circumstances and conditions of your injury. It’s not necessary to deal with these injuries on your own either. You and every other victim deserves help and compensation for what you’ve been through. If you don’t know how to seek this type of benefit, then you may want to learn how compensation is determined before you try.


Let’s face it. Placing a dollar amount on pain and suffering is not an easy task. How do you decide what to pay for the pain endured by a broken arm or shoulder, as opposed to a broken leg and a concussion? Obviously, it’s not the same as mental anguish, but just as important.  After all, not all injuries keep you out of work, but they can still cause both physical and mental scars.

There are so many factors involved that make a determination much harder to reach. Another aspect of pain and suffering is the role it plays in the lives of family and friends. That’s right, your injuries can also affect your loved ones. So, placing a value on your pain and suffering requires more than placing a number on your experience.


When it comes to determining damages due to your injuries, there are additional things to consider. One thing you must keep in mind is the extent of your injuries, whether they are minor or severe. That will be factored into the equation. Another factor involves whether your injuries will cause long-term or permanent damage to your physical and mental state.

For some attorneys, to determine compensation, the multiplier method is used. With this method, your pain and suffering is generally determined at 4 times your lost wages. If you are owned $5,000 in lost wages, then your pain and suffering factored into that number will bring your compensation up to $20,000. This is an estimate of how this works.


Fry | Goehring can answer any additional question that you may have concerning pain and suffering. Remember, you are entitled to these wages and benefits. You may find that you appreciate the help as well especially if injuries persist for some time. Visit our website for more details.