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Our Office Is Prepared – A Coronavirus Update!

By: Fry | Goehring

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With coronavirus becoming more prevalent in our communities, we at Fry | Goehring want to inform both our current and potential new clients that we will be operating during this time.

We have systems in place to allow for an easy transition to operating even if our physical office closes.

Here are some of the ways our office is prepared for such an event.

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We are 100% paperless

All of our case information, documentation, and calendar dates are all saved to our secure database. This allows for our attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants to have instant access to anything they need online. This not only keeps our cases well organized, but it also gives our team different options for accessing critical information about cases anywhere and at any time.

We can work from home

Because our secure database is accessible online, our team can easily work from home! Of course, working in the office is highly beneficial as it promotes teamwork and communication, but our team members all have the ability to work from home just as effectively.

We provide a video conference option

Our office provides phone, in-person, and video conferences to our clients whenever they have an important or difficult question or concern. We also meet with new clients in person as we believe in-person communication is important. If in-person meetings are not practical, we offer video conferences to make a deeper connection with our clients and their needs.

We partner with court reporters and can-do video depositions

Depositions are a critical part of any case that is filed with the court. They are a huge step along the process, and if a deposition must be rescheduled, it generally means that the case will be delayed for far longer than it needs to be. Our ability to provide video depositions for clients is a massive convenience which will reduce delays resulting in bigger settlements.

We can provide video mediation

Like depositions, mediations are an extremely pivotal moment in a case. The goal of mediation is to reach settlement THAT DAY. The ability to do video mediations is extremely beneficial to the client and removes any risk of delaying settlement.

Our phone system is online

If you have any questions or concerns about your case, you can continue to call the same number you have been using. Since our phone service is online, we can answer calls from anywhere. Our office hours will still remain the same, so if you have a questions after 5pm, you may be redirected and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We have a 24/7 chat system

Our online chat is available 24/7 and accessible via our website at  Please contact us using our mobile friendly chat for new cases, updates to a case, or any emergency.

We will be contacting our active clients in the coming weeks to assure them that the coronavirus will not affect their cases from our end. During this time, we can also answer any additional questions or concerns. If any cases are on the trial calendar, we will contact our clients with any delays.

All these steps are taken to reduce the impact that things like illnesses, inclement weather, or other uncontrollable events that might arise, while still providing excellent legal services to our clients.

Contact us if you have any questions.