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A cause of thousands of personal injury claims annually in the U.S., shopping injuries is an all-too-common hazard for the average consumer. Injuries such as head trauma, sprains, and head and neck injuries result from trip hazards on the commercial property every day.

Often these hazards are caused by store owner negligence. It is the duty of a proprietor to make a reasonable effort to keep their premises safe for customers, to inform visitors of any potential hazards. Failure to do so can lead to injury or death. Here are some of the most notorious store trip hazards.


  • Clutter – Inventory stored in high-traffic areas, stacked improperly or fallen from shelves.
  • Poor Lighting – Inadequate stairwell, corridor, or exterior illumination is especially dangerous.
  • Loose or Torn Carpeting – Defects in floor surfaces are also notorious trip hazards, including slippery floor mats, uneven surfaces, or damaged walkways (e.g. broken concrete, loose floorboards).
  • Wet Floors – Slips and falls due to wet surfaces are especially commonplace. Spills should be cleaned promptly and the wet areas closed off with signage until the area is cleaned and dried.
  • Electrical Cords – Improperly routed wiring, such as electrical power cords in traffic areas.
  • Congestion – High traffic in-store, particularly during sales events like Black Friday, creates major trip hazards.
  • Ice or Snow – Store owners must keep walkways, entrances, and parking areas clear of snow and ice, and may be held liable for injury accidents caused by them.


Unsafe conditions can be the product of many things, including owner neglect, poor design or store layout, and simple unforeseeable accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a store trip hazard, you may be faced with crippling medical bills and loss of income to add to your injuries. You need expert advice on shopping injuries, someone to speak for your interests against those responsible for your loss or injury.

In Atlanta, GA, you have an advocate for your rights as a consumer to safe premises when you fall victim to trip hazards while patronizing a local store or business. Contact the Fry | Goehring to schedule a free initial consultation about your case.