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Northside Drive Closed – Why Avoid Construction?

By: Fry | Goehring

construction worker

If you use Northside Drive, you should be aware that the bridge between Woodward Way and Wesley Drive will be under construction for the foreseeable future. This means that Northside Drive will be closed until further notice. You can take Peachtree Battle Avenue or Collier road to get around this.

Road closures can make travel frustrating and difficult. What many do not consider is that they can make travel more dangerous as well. If you are unaware of road closures, they can cause confusion and distress, which may lead to poor driving decisions. Knowing ahead of time whether a road is closed can give a driver a chance to avoid the closure completely, as well as many potential dangers.

Why Is Avoiding a Road Closure Important?

1.) Did You Know That Road Repair and Construction Is a Leading Cause of Wrongful Death Cases in Georgia?

Generally, it is unusual for civilians to be walking around, driving slowly, or transporting heavy items and machinery unless it is in a construction zone. If you as a driver are unaware of a road closure ahead, and there are conditions that are unusual for the road, it could lead to an accident. As drivers, we all get used to the routine and get in a groove so to speak when driving regularly on the same roads. When something like construction and road closure causes your route to be blocked, it can be very confusing and jarring at first. This confusion can lead to mistakes that can cause someone to lose their life.

Do yourself a favor and check the news, listen to the radio, or search your route when possible before leaving your home. Driving in unfamiliar situations can be deceptively dangerous, so if the route you take to work or school is closed, it is better to know beforehand, than to have it fall into your lap while you are driving.

2.) How to Avoid Accident in Construction Areas.

If you are put in a situation where the road is closed, and you must take a detour, make sure you remain calm and continue to follow traffic laws.  There may be people walking across or near the road. Always pay attention to your surroundings.

A great solution to use your phone GPS or download an app like WAYZ that will give you live updates about traffic, accidents, detours, and more.

Finally, make sure you are attentive to signs, police, or construction workers that are trying to guide you through the detour and be aware that there will likely be unfamiliar situations ahead of you, and you may need to be more attentive than usual to compensate.