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When you are injured, or your doctor suspects you may have an illness, it’s likely that you’ll undergo several tests to rule out possibilities and narrow down what condition you have, if any. One of those tests you may have to undergo is Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI.

While these tests are routine and ordinarily safe, there are rare MRI mishaps that can cause severe injuries and even death in some cases. However, if you or a loved one has suffered from an MRI mishap, just because it’s rare doesn’t mean that the hospital wasn’t potentially negligible in some way.


Although it is rare for something to go wrong during an MRI, the most common injury sustained from an MRI mishap is a burn. Another type of injury you can possibly incur from an MRI is being hit by a flying metal object. Because MRI scanners have incredibly strong magnets, they can draw in surrounding metal objects, which could potentially strike the patient’s body and injure them.

Another potential injury that occurs during an MRI is when a patient has metal staples, pins, artificial joints, stents, or a pacemaker and the device somehow dislodges it because of its strong magnetic force. Many modern devices are no longer made with metal, but it’s always the responsibility of the doctor to ensure that there is no risk when a patient receives an MRI.


It is always the responsibility of a physician or technician to ensure that every patient is safe when conducting a test or being examined in a hospital. This means that the technician is using the MRI scanner in the correct way, clearing the room of any metal objects in the room, and asking the patient if they have had any medical procedures that could potentially endanger them during the MRI. They should also be observant during the scan and make sure that the patient is safe throughout.

Unfortunately, MRI injuries are notoriously underreported and according to industry experts, are increasing by number each year. It is the responsibility of hospital staffers and physicians to take patient health and safety seriously to eliminate MRI accidents and injuries.

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