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Atlanta’s Most Dangerous Places for Car Accidents

By: Fry | Goehring

Atlanta’s Most Dangerous Places for Car Accidents

Atlanta is Georgia’s capital and is home to more than five million residents. It is a bustling metropolitan area with an intricate highway and road network. Although these thoroughfares offer convenience and connectivity, they present a significant danger to pedestrians, passengers, and drivers alike. From local streets to busy interstates, Atlanta harbors among the most treacherous roads in the U.S., particularly during peak hours.

Major highways, such as I-75 and I-85, cut across the heart of the city, facilitating movement in and out of Atlanta. And as we all know, drivers on these roads are a little intense. If you or somebody close to you has been hurt at one of Atlanta’s many dangerous intersections, you should get in touch with experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys from Fry | Goehring to learn more about your legal options.

You may not think too much about how crashes happen more commonly in certain places; however, when you look keenly into the data, there are worrying trends. This information can be key in proving fault and ensuring you recover full compensation for damages suffered. Our formidable personal injury lawyers are poised to provide strong representation and ensure your rights as an accident victim are protected. Contact us today at 404-969-1284 to get a free initial consultation.

What Are Some of the Most Dangerous Parts of Atlanta To Get in an Accident?

Before looking at the precise highway spots, it’s important to note that many car accidents happen at intersections of urban roads. According to a Federal Highway Administration report, collisions at intersections significantly increase the number of traffic-related injuries and fatalities in the United States. A small number of auto accidents happen on highways, as they are made to transport people across the city. Other surface roads are constructed to transport people from one point to another within the city.

The right-turn and left-turn-only lanes, combined with the urge to ‘beat the light,’ provide the ideal scenarios for dangerous traffic accidents. It is helpful to know the most dangerous parts of Atlanta where you can get into an accident if you are to remain safe. Areas to watch out for include:

  • Memorial Drive and N. Hairston Road in Stone Mountain
  • Covington Highway and Panola Road in Lithonia
  • East Park Place and Stone Mountain Highway
  • Jimmy Carter Blvd and Peachtree Industrial Blvd
  • State Bridge Road and Medlock Bridge Road
  • Cobb Place Blvd and Earnest Barrett Pkwy
  • Collier Road and Peachtree Road
  • Bolton Road and Marietta Road
  • Delmar Ave. and Delmoor Court
  • North Druid Hills Road and Briarcliff Road
  • Piedmont Road and Peachtree Road
  • Howell Mill Road and Chattahoochee Road

Although you can’t avoid all the dangerous intersections and junctions in Atlanta during your commute, knowing the likely areas where crashes occur most can help. However, if you have been hit by another car and sustained injuries at one of these intersections, you should consider calling the auto accident lawyers at Fry | Goehring immediately. We will look into the details of your case and aggressively work to hold the at-fault party accountable.

Which Are the Five Most Dangerous Roads To Drive in Atlanta?

Here are the five most dangerous roads to be on the lookout for in Atlanta:

Interstate 285

For many Atlanta road users, using I-285 is unavoidable. It is the most notorious highway encircling the city and is a critical transportation artery that experiences heavy traffic all day. It has even come to be known as Atlanta’s ‘Circle of Death.’ The combination of its large number of lanes and constant congestion makes it a breeding ground for accidents. Additionally, the high number of interchanges along I-285 increases the likelihood of merging-related and lane-changing crashes.

State Route 400

Usually known as the ‘Hospitality Highway,’ the SR 400 runs from I-285 to the mountains of North Georgia. Although its nickname may imply otherwise, State Route 400 is not hospitable when it comes to safety. Similar to I-285, SR 400 is characterized by high-speed traffic and congestion, particularly during rush hours. This route is very dangerous because of the many trucks that use it. Furthermore, its intersections, much like I-285, are known for frequent crashes, usually resulting in fatalities and severe injuries.

U.S. Route 78

Another route with a bad reputation for danger in the Atlanta region is the U.S. Route 78, sometimes referred to as the Stone Mountain Freeway. This highway runs east-west across the Atlanta metro region and connects Charleston, South Carolina, to Memphis, Tennessee.

The high risk of the Stone Mountain Freeway is attributed to heavy traffic, fast speeds, and sharp turns. This road is particularly dangerous during heavy rains, as the pavement gets slippery and visibility decreases. Collisions on this route usually involve several cars, resulting in serious injuries.

Buford Highway

Buford Highway is yet another dangerous road that is as perilous to pedestrians as it is to drivers. This seven-lane highway, excluding sidewalks or pedestrian bridges, cuts across multiple immigrant neighborhoods, making it an important route for people who don’t own vehicles.

Sadly, not having safe crossing spots along Buford Highway usually compels pedestrians to cross over at non-designated places, putting them at considerable risk. Due to this, Buford Highway experiences the highest percentage of pedestrian accidents in the state, recording seven pedestrian incidents annually.

Interstate 20

Interstate 20 spans the Atlanta downtown area from the east to the west suburbs. Thousands of commercial vehicles and commuters traverse this highway every day, making it a hotspot for potential accidents. In 2020, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported Georgia’s I-20 to be the second most hazardous highway in the US, experiencing 15.5 fatalities for every 100 miles. The risk of accidents on I-20 comes from fast speeds, heavy traffic, and tricky road conditions.

What Should I Do if I Was in an Accident in Atlanta?

If you have been involved in a car accident at one of the numerous dangerous intersections in the Atlanta area, there are a few things you should do — and not do — to protect yourself and any prospective Atlanta injury claim you might need to file.

Stay Calm and Call For Help

Following the accident, immediately evaluate yourself and other parties for any likely life-threatening injuries and begin calling emergency services. Make sure you’re not in the center of one of the numerous major intersections while informing them of your location and requesting medical and police assistance.

If you’re severely injured, don’t try moving.

Document the Crash

If you can, you should start taking pictures and video evidence of the accident scene. This includes the conditions of the vehicles, roads, and weather conditions. These will come in handy later. If you are hurt and are unable to perform the task, request a capable person to help you. If the motorist at fault was distracted or engaged in any other type of distracted driving infraction, this will be useful to build a compelling claim.

Exchange information, but Don’t Chat or Argue

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when conversing with others is to avoid saying anything that can be subsequently used against you. This might include giving an honest apology out of politeness, outright admitting fault, or expressing any emotions of wrongdoing or regret.

Do not talk to anyone else besides your Atlanta personal injury attorney. Obtain the personal and insurance information of all involved parties and also ensure that you provide them with yours. By this point, the police officer on-site may have completed writing their initial report.

Seek Medical Assistance

In the moments following the accident, the shock and adrenaline pumping in your veins may be suppressing any pain and discomfort that may otherwise be there, even with severe injuries. So, you should seek medical aid immediately to be checked out and have any sustained injuries documented. Documenting the injuries sustained will be integral to recovering financial compensation for your damages.

Talk to an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Consulting with a skilled and qualified injury lawyer is the best course of action following an injury. They will assist you in building a compelling case that will be challenging for the insurance provider to delay, reject, or devalue. They can assist you in pursuing your claim, filing a lawsuit, and seeking a fair settlement award.

Let Experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Help After Your Car Accident

Getting involved in a traffic accident on Atlanta’s hazardous roads can be overwhelming. It can be especially burdensome when you have to deal with mounting medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering after the accident. A seasoned lawyer specializing in personal injury can assist in navigating the complex web of Georgia’s legal system.

If you’ve been hurt at one of Atlanta’s dangerous intersections, we can help. Our skilled accident attorneys at Fry | Goehring are conversant with Georgia’s traffic laws and can assist victims in understanding all the aspects of their cases.

Engaging with insurance companies can be incredibly stressful, as they will actively work to deny or devalue your claim. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators ready to help you secure a settlement that matches the damages you have suffered, including medical costs, property damage, and lost earnings. Contact us now at 404-969-1284 for a free case review.