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Methylene Chloride Poisoning: Why a Mask is Not Enough

By: Fry | Goehring

Dichloromethane, or methylene chloride, is a chemical frequently used in such solvents as paint stripper. It is highly toxic when inhaled and exposure can be fatal within minutes. Products containing methylene chloride are sold in retail stores for home use, as well as being widely used commercially.


In the European Union, the hazard of methylene chloride poisoning led to its banning in 2011. Despite EPA efforts to ban methylene chloride, manufacturers here in the U.S. claim the products are safe when used as directed. Yet according to this CBS News report, its use has resulted in numerous fatalities.


The primary risk associated with methylene chloride poisoning is through inhalation, especially in confined spaces. Still, the CDC warns, though absorption is not as fast as when inhaled, the chemical presents a significant health hazard even when in contact with the skin. Prolonged contact can burn the skin. The potential for secondary contamination through skin absorption demands additional protection beyond a simple respirator. Whether inhaled or absorbed, methylene chloride poisoning can lead to CNS depression.

When using products containing methylene chloride, you must protect the skin and your eyes from potential irritation and burns. In addition to an OSHA-approved mask, you should also wear protective gloves and eye protection and work in a well-ventilated space.

If you are a victim of methylene chloride poisoning after using a product at work or store-purchased, we can help you. We are expert litigators in product liability and on-the-job injury cases. Your health is too precious to jeopardize it using a product that should be safe for the user.

Product manufacturers and companies that use such products have a duty of care for consumers and workers who use them. You need an advocate for your rights in Georgia who will work diligently for your compensation.

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