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How Is a Workers’ Comp Claim Processed?

By: Fry | Goehring

Fallen Worker

If most cases, employers are obligated to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which is designed to cover employees who have been injured at work. If you have suffered an injury while on the job, you don’t have to prove fault, but you will not receive benefits without following the required claims process for the state of Georgia.

In Georgia, filing a claim involves filling out and sending the correct form to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Additionally, you should make two copies of the form; one of which is sent to your employer and the other to their Workers’ compensation carrier. It is also important to ensure that you receive any necessary treatment for your injuries.

Reporting to Your Employer

Prior to or after receiving treatment, notify your employer in writing of your injury and intention to file for workers’ compensation. You will also need to fill out the official workers’ compensation form and an accident report, if applicable. Throughout the process, make sure to keep accurate and up-to-date records on any treatment that you receive.

Speak to your supervisor and the requirements of the workers’ compensation carrier; especially as it pertains to reporting injuries and receiving treatment. This step is important as some actions, such as consulting with a specific doctor, are a requirement of claiming through the insurance carrier. In any case, it is always beneficial to have a full medical record of your injuries for the purposes of receiving workers’ compensation reimbursement.

Regardless of whether you suffered an injury, always report workplace accidents. Failure to notify your employer could result in you being denied workers’ compensation if you begin to suffer from delayed symptoms after the statutory deadline of one month has passed. A written notification from you and, preferably, an accident report filled out by your supervisor will act as an official record of the report.

Workers’ Comp Claim Form

It is important to supply all the information that is requested on the workers’ comp claim form. As with all forms, requested details are subject to change in accordance with the law. However, the following details will likely be required when filing a workers’ comp claim:

  • Injury type and location
  • Time and location of the accident
  • Parties to the accident
  • Nature of the accident
  • Medical treatment received

If your employer is required under law to provide workers’ compensation coverage, they may face legal ramifications for failing to comply. Your employer is also prohibited from retaliating against you on the basis that you filed a workers’ comp claim.

Once your workers’ comp claim has been filed with the state Workers’ Compensation Board office, an admin will notify you with confirmation or denial of the claim. For successful claims, you will be informed of the amount of entitled benefits each week and for how long you can claim.

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