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Driving is never something to take lightly. You must make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep you and your passengers safe by following traffic laws, being attentive and checking for reckless drivers, and parking in a safe and legal area each and every time you need to go somewhere.

But what about safety when you get out of the car? There have unfortunately been instances where pedestrians have been hit by drivers upon exiting the car. Accidents occurring between pedestrians and moving vehicles can often be very serious and sometimes even can result in death.

Let’s learn about what you can do to keep yourself safe and prevent getting hit while exiting the car as well as what you can do if you have been injured in such an accident.


Remember when your parents always told you to look both ways before you crossed the street? This rule also applies when you are exiting a vehicle. Although you might assume that if you’re in a parking lot or residential area drivers are going to slow down for potential pedestrians, but there’s no guarantee of that when you’re exiting the car.

The best way to avoid injury and accidents with a vehicle is to pay attention to your surroundings and don’t open the door until you see a completely safe opportunity to do so.


Unfortunately, there have been incidents where pedestrians have been hit when exiting their vehicle after they’ve been in an accident. For example, a driver will try to get out of the car to exchange insurance information with the other driver or ensure that they are okay, and then another driver not involved in the crash hits the pedestrian. This is more likely to happen at night when it is more difficult for drivers to see a pedestrian walking (especially if they are not expecting to see a pedestrian).

To avoid getting hit by a driver on the highway or a busy city street after you’ve been in an accident, pull over to the shoulder of the road and wait for a clear road before you exit your vehicle.

Getting hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian is a very serious situation. The injuries from a pedestrian-automobile accident can be severe, which can lead to long hospital stays, lots of medical bills, and can potentially be fatal for the pedestrian.

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