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Help for Family Victims of Wrongful Death

By: Fry | Goehring

It’s never easy when a beloved family member passes away unexpectedly, but it can be especially difficult when that loved one dies because of someone else’s negligence or ill will. Whether your loved one passed away due to a tragic accident or an intentional act like a murder, it can be difficult for family members to move on and grieve their loss.

When you go through a tragic experience like this, it can be easy to think that you’re all alone in facing it. You may be unable to process what happened in a healthy way and you may feel powerless or intense rage at any given moment.

Luckily, there are many resources out there for families who have loved ones who died a wrongful death. If your loved one has died a wrongful death, we encourage you to look into these support networks and helplines for support.


The Victim Connect Resource Center is a referral helpline for crime victims where they can learn about their rights and options. Family members can call into the helpline at 855-484-2846 or log onto their innovative online chat ( to find information and connect with resources to deal with their grief, learn about the next steps to help them regain a sense of control in their life, and get access to professional referrals who are specialized in assisting crime victims.


For those who have a family member or loved one who was killed in a drunk driving incident, you can reach out to MADD (or Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for help. MADD has a Victim Services hotline that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 877-MADD-HELP. This hotline can get you access to find emotional support, get guidance through the criminal and civil justice systems, have someone accompany you to court, help you prepare a victim impact statement, provide you with support materials, and help you find a local support group.


No parent ever expects their child to die before them, especially in such a tragic way. To help parents and family members, the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children provides ongoing emotional support, education, prevention, and awareness. The organization, based in Cincinnati, holds an annual conference as well as “grief weekends” that families can participate in. They also have several chapters all over the country that provide support to families locally.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough—but when it’s a wrongful death, there are a whole other set of emotions and complications involved. When you are thinking about pursuing a wrongful death suit on behalf of a loved one in Georgia, you’re going to need legal representation who is understanding, conscientious, and willing to fight for your rights. Contact the Fry | Goehring, wrongful death attorneys in Georgia, at 404-969-1284.