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Hazardous Road Conditions and the Motorcycle Accident

By: Fry | Goehring

Hazardous road conditions can be a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Not every motorcycle accident involves another vehicle. While cars may have little trouble handling factors like wet pavement, small objects in the road, or uneven road surfaces, these road conditions can easily cause a motorcycle accident. Due to the smaller size and less stable nature of motorcycles, hazardous road conditions pose a bigger safety threat than when driving a car. Therefore, bikers should not assume that because they’ve been driving a car for years, they know what is dangerous.


There can be several items that become hazards throughout all of Georgia’s roadways, as well as contributing factors that can be more dangerous for motorcycles.

  • Road debris: Blown tires from a vehicle up ahead, items that fall out of or off vehicles, dead animals, and fallen branches after a storm are just a few things that can cause a motorcycle accident.
  • Rough roads: potholes and cracks in the surface
  • Missing or inadequate guardrails
  • Poor road shoulders: Lack of rumble strips on the edge of highway lanes, a deteriorating shoulder, or no shoulder at all can be hazards for motorcyclists.
  • Missing, hidden, or damaged road signs
  • Slick surfaces: Things like crosswalk lines or leaves can become a hazard when they become wet.
  • Poor traffic management around work zones
  • Animals: Anticipating an animal running out into the road is difficult and swerving to avoid them can result in a motorcycle accident.
  • Standing water: Driving through a puddle of water on a motorcycle may cause hydroplaning.
  • Uneven heights between lanes
  • Loose gravel or sand on the pavement


Georgia law requires all motorcycle drivers to wear a helmet. The state also takes it a step further stating that a helmet must be worn by anyone on a motorcycle, regardless if they are the operator or passenger.

Hazardous road conditions are always going to be a challenge for motorcyclists. Wearing a helmet gives everyone on a motorcycle a better chance of surviving a motorcycle accident. Being attentive to road conditions and obeying all traffic laws will also reduce the chance of an accident.

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