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Harmful Products in Home Daycare

By: Fry | Goehring

We all want what’s best for our kids, and most importantly, we want them to be safe when we aren’t there to provide a watchful eye over them. According to an article on CNN, more than half of all young children in the U.S. attend a daycare center or preschool. Some of these children can even spend up to 50 hours per week at a daycare or preschool.

Parents have a variety of options when choosing childcare—from a large preschool center to in-home daycare with a small number of children. Although parents can do the best they can to ensure that their daycare center is safe, at the end of the day their children are in the hands of the daycare workers whose responsibility it is to keep them clean, that licensing standards are met, and that harmful products are out of the reach of the infants and children who attend the daycare.

Home daycares can provide parents with some reassurance because there are fewer children and presumably more attention will be paid to each child to ensure their safety. However, incidents can still occur at home daycare centers due to neglect or exposure to harmful products within the daycare facility such as poisons, medicines, cleaning agents, or hanging cords.

Here’s what you need to know if your child has been exposed to harmful products at home daycare.


According to Georgia law, a home daycare facility must adhere to many safety rules in order to keep their licensing.

Here are a few safety laws for harmful products that home daycares must follow:

  • A home daycare must ensure that no child should have access to hanging cords or other hazardous objects.
  • Transparent glass doors shall be marked in order to avoid impact.
  • Poisons, medicines, cleaning agents, razors, aerosol cans, and other potentially hazardous materials should be stored out of reach of children or in locked cabinets.
  • Firearms should be stored so that they are not accessible to children.
  • Flammable liquids, such as gasoline or kerosene, shall not be stored inside the home.


If it can be proven that your child was injured from a harmful product such as a chemical or a tripping hazard as a direct result of daycare negligence, you may be able to build a case to hold the negligent daycare responsible. Those who work in childcare are expected to perform their job in a way that eliminates any foreseeable dangers.

No parent should ever have to go through a child receiving injuries at a daycare facility, where they assumed they would be safe. If you suspect that your daycare was negligent in caring for your child, call the Fry Law Team, personal injury attorneys, today at (404) 948-3571 to schedule a free legal consultation.