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Fry | Goehring – Success Stories August and September

By: Fry | Goehring


Note: Due to attorney-client privilege we have removed the names of our clients. These are real success stories that our attorneys achieve every day. 

August 29 – Successfully tried a case in Gwinnett County where the insurance company first tried to get the case dismissed. When that failed, they refused to offer any money before trial. At trial, I obtained a verdict for $7,060.00, which covered all my client’s medical bills + pain and suffering.

September 17 –  Successfully tried a case in DeKalb County where the insurance company only offered $2,000.00 before trial. We rejected that offer, and the judge awarded my client double at trial what the insurance company had previously offered.

September 25 – Successfully tried a case for two clients in DeKalb County, where the insurance company only offered a total of $10,000.00 before we filed suit. At trial, the judge awarded my clients a total of $20,108.00.