Georgia Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

Finding an Attorney Who Understands Your Case

By: Fry | Goehring

It’s always important to find the right professional for all the needs in your life. Whether you’re looking for a dentist, a doctor, or a florist, it’s crucial to do the proper research and find the right fit for you.

But what about when you’re trying to find the right attorney? Not only does the person need to be the right fit for you, but they also need to be supremely qualified and need to be someone who understands your case in its entirety. While many of us regularly visit the doctor, dentist, or even the florist, it’s unlikely that you’ve had to visit an attorney’s office too often and so it can be difficult to determine what you even need to look for when searching for legal representation.

Here are a few tips to finding an attorney that’s going to help you in a personal injury case, wrongful death lawsuit, a slip and fall case, or any other legal matter that you need assistance with.


Does the legal team you’re considering have a strong history of successful experience in a courtroom? You want to ensure that the firm who is representing you is aggressive but respectful, and ensure that each client is treated fairly throughout the entire trial process (or through all stage of settlement negotiations).

Your legal team should able to walk into a courtroom without fear or intimidation, no matter how big the case.


Although you may not have any personal experience using an attorney, your friends and family might. Ask people in your surrounding community who have experienced the same problem as you and ask them who their lawyers were, and what they liked and disliked about them.

However, even if the legal team they used gets a glowing review, you should still make sure they are a good fit for your case.


If you’ve reached out to your network and haven’t been able to find a good fit for your legal needs, then you might try reaching out to a state or local bar association’s lawyer referral service. This will give you the names and phone numbers of attorneys who practice in the area of law that you need. You can find your local site through the American Bar Association’s national Lawyer Referral Directory.

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