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Fighting the Chain Store After a Slip and Fall

By: Fry | Goehring

We’ve all heard about the incidents and injuries that can occur during a Black Friday sale after Thanksgiving, but the truth is that shopping injuries like a slip and fall can happen at any time during the year. A common misconception is that a slip and fall injury is nothing more than an embarrassment to the injured, but this type of injury can be quite serious and result in anything from bruises to a traumatic brain injury. Slip and fall accidents can be particularly dangerous for elderly people, and according to the National Floor Safety Institute, there are over 1 million visits to the hospital emergency room each year because of these accidents.

Many believe that a slip and fall accident is merely caused by a person’s clumsiness, but they can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • poorly lit areas,
  • wet or uneven surfaces,
  • weather conditions,
  • nursing home neglect;
  • improper training on the job, or
  • faulty footwear.

If you or a loved one has had a slip and fall accident in a large chain store, is there any kind of recourse? Let’s go over the steps you could take after an accident in a chain store.


Even if you’re feeling fine after the slip and fall, it’s still a good idea to go ahead and seek medical attention. Sometimes internal injuries won’t present themselves for several hours and it’s best if a doctor can look you over from head to toe to ensure you’re receiving proper diagnosis and treatment. When you’re in the emergency room, make sure you get an accurate diagnosis from the doctor so that you can use this as potential evidence for a lawsuit.


To prove that the chain store was at fault in the accident, it’s important to have witnesses who can corroborate your story. For example, was there another customer who saw a maintenance staff member mopping without a “hazardous floors” sign posted nearby?

Check the Store Surveillance Camera

Sometimes, two sides aren’t going to agree on what happened. Luckily, chain stores have surveillance cameras posted up everywhere throughout the retail space and they can help prove your case.


One of the easiest ways to stay organized throughout the claim filing process is to save all records of costs that are associated with the injury. Any medical bills, payment records, prescription records, and any other receipts will be necessary to prove that you have incurred costs due to the injury.

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