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Is A Burn Injury Worth Going To Trial?

By: Fry | Goehring

According to the American Burn Association’s Burn Injury Fact Sheet:

“Today, 96.7% of those treated in burn centers will survive. Unfortunately, many of those survivors will sustain serious scarring, life-long physical disabilities, and adjustment difficulties.”

Burn injuries can be devastating. Skin tissue is permanently destroyed or scarred. Disfiguring burns change people’s lives forever, causing untold emotional pain and suffering in addition to the excruciating pain of the physical injuries themselves. For this reason, burn victims often receive higher settlement compensation than other types of injuries.


Whether a case should or should not go to trial is a question best answered by an expert personal injury lawyer in Atlanta. Many factors go into making the determination of whether to settle or go to trial. Some things to consider:

  • Was the injury the result of negligence?
  • How extensive is the burn injury?
  • How much surgery/medical treatment will be necessary?
  • How disabling is the injury?
  • Pain and suffering; include emotional, physical, and financial hardship.

If the severity of the burn injury and the intent of the responsible party warrant filing suit, then the decision of whether to take it to trial is usually a matter of whether a settlement can be reached that adequately compensates you.

Severe burn injuries can require multiple skin grafts, long and painful physical therapy, potentially lifelong treatment, and medication. Quantifying a satisfactory amount for compensation can be extremely difficult in some cases. The nature of burn injuries makes for powerful visual evidence to a potential trial jury, which is why burn injuries typically earn larger settlements than other injuries.

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