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Does Insurance Cover Boat Injuries?

By: Fry | Goehring

There’s nothing better than a sunny summer day out on the lake with all your friends and family. Whether you like to fish, go tubing, or simply enjoy being out on the water, a boat is a great way to relax and enjoy the lakes on the weekends.

But before you take that shiny new boat out on the water, you should really understand what your liability is as a boat owner and how you can protect the people who are on your boat in case they get injured while on it.

For example, does your insurance cover boat injuries? Did you know that you need separate insurance just for your boat?

Here’s everything you need to know about insuring your boat so that you can enjoy those breezy summer nights worry-free.


You may think that your boat is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, but this is not the case. Like your cat, your boat must have its own insurance policy because it’s mobile and not physically attached to your house—even though it’s parked there when it’s not on the water.

And although most states require that you pass a safety course if you own a boat, many do not actually require boating insurance. However, it is strongly recommended that if you own a boat that’s valued at over $2,000 that you cover it with an insurance policy. Even though Georgia currently doesn’t require boating insurance, many of the marinas will use boating insurance as a requirement to dock your boat and get some of the other member benefits.


Even though boat insurance isn’t required by many states, it’s still a good idea to get insured. Boat insurance can not only protect friends and family who climb aboard your boat, but it can also protect the property itself. This insurance can cover any medical payments in case you get any boat injuries, collision repair, and can also cover the property on the boat (like fishing equipment).

Although paying for insurance when you don’t have to may not seem like a good way to spend your money, just think about how much you would have to pay out of pocket if someone got injured on your boat and filed a personal injury lawsuit against you, which could get extremely expensive.

Have you been injured in a boating accident on a boat in Georgia that wasn’t covered with boat insurance? You’re going to need a team of lawyers who are conscientious and who can help you understand your rights. Call the experts at the Fry | Goehring today at 404-969-1284 to find out how you can pursue compensation.