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Deciding Whether to Settle Out of Court

By: Fry | Goehring

If you were to survey 100 friends and associates, probably 99 of them would tell you they’d rather get a root canal than go to court. That one friend in 100 probably likes the idea from binge-watching Law & Order. Consequently, many injury accident victims forgo their day, preferring instead to settle out of court.

The court system is a cornerstone of our democracy, vital to dispensing justice. Still, the cost and risk of going to trial for an injury lawsuit are daunting to the average citizen. Insurance companies don’t want to go to trial either, nor do they want you to want to go. When a citizen has been harmed due to negligence, the liable party always has a vested interest in settling. But is it in your best interest to settle out of court?

The truth is, your decision whether to settle out of court rests on these key factors:

  • Strength of your case. If your proof of negligence and liability is strong, you have a far better chance of successfully litigating your case in the courtroom.
  • Confidence in your legal counsel. Your chances of gaining fair and reasonable compensation in court are improved greatly when you retain a personal injury attorney with a proven track record in litigating injury cases.
  • Closure. Court cases are often time-consuming and even favorable decisions can be appealed. A settlement can alleviate financial hardship and allow you to move on.
  • Preparation for a trial case can get expensive. Gathering evidence and expert witnesses, for instance, are significant expenses.
  • It is never a certainty to leave the fate of your case in the hands of a jury. Even the strongest case, argued on your behalf by the brightest attorney in Georgia, won’t guarantee the result you want.

At the Fry | Goehring, we stake our reputations on a commitment to the needs of every person we represent. Our counsel is always based on what is best for the individual client. Our legal team has built a solid reputation for excellence in every phase of the court system. We negotiate and litigate with only your best interests in mind.

You can count on us to do what needs to be done to earn you the best possible outcome when you have been injured through no fault of your own. Before you settle out of court, come see us in midtown Atlanta.