Georgia Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

Decatur Personal Injury Trial Attorney Explains The Different Types of Cases

By: Fry | Goehring

Personal Injury is an injury that has been inflicted upon one’s body or emotions.  This is much different than an injury that has been inflicted upon someone’s property or belongings.  Personal Injury can be caused by the negligence of another person or injury that was purposefully caused.  Some examples of this are automobile accidents, trucking collisions, slip and fall incidents, nursing home abuse, as well as many other forms of injury. 

Our firm fights for injured individuals, helping them receive compensation to pay for the consequences of an injury that has occurred. We receive payment based on a “contingent fee basis,” which is a portion of the monetary compensation that is collected from the at-fault party.  Cases in which we are ultimately not successful result in no compensation to me or my law firm; thus, in that unfortunate situation, the client would owe nothing. 

There are several types of damages that can result from a personal injury claim.  These damages are usually classified as either “special” damages or “general” damages.  Damages that can be paid for are known as special damages.  For example, medical expenses would be considered “special damages” as a result of an injury.  Lost wages, meaning money that an injured party loses due to the inability to work, are also known as “special damages.”

Damages claimed from conditions such as emotional distress or physical pain, that cannot be easily quantified, are commonly known as general damages.  Depending on the severity of the injuries, damages that injured parties receive may greatly vary. The amount of compensation also depends on how long the damage lasts, or the permanency of the injury.  For example, if someone contracts a permanent life-altering condition due to the negligence of another party, compensation will most likely be much higher than if one is temporarily hurt or suffers from a minor injury that may last for a short period of time.

Another important point to remember is there are various deadlines regarding how long a claim can be filed after its occurrence. This is called the Statute of Limitations.  This can vary from state to state and must be monitored very closely so as not to lose the right to pursue a claim.  The subject matter of the claim also has various deadlines that must be strictly adhered to.

Having a Trial Attorney, with a proven and successful track record, is crucial when seeking fair compensation for injured parties.  It is very difficult and sometimes impossible to win a personal injury case without the help of an attorney.  We provide aggressive representation, and unconditional support and guidance, in the pursuit of compensation for individuals and families that have suffered from a personal injury due to the negligence of another.