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Common Warehouse On-the-Job Injuries

By: Fry | Goehring

If you work a physically demanding job, such as one where you work in a warehouse, there is always a risk for on-the-job injuries. You might work in labeling, inventory management, materials, or assembly. Maybe you’re packing orders, or you help load trucks and organize shipments. These jobs are an important part of supply chain management. They all help keep goods and services moving through the economy — but this doesn’t come without risk to your body.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 16 fatalities in 2011, in the warehouse industry, and 5.5 workplace injuries for every 100 full-time workers.

Let’s go over what some of the most common on-the-job injuries for warehouse workers are and the information you need to know about what lengths your employer has to go to in order to keep their employees safe.


Those who work in warehouse environments always have to keep their eyes and ears open in order to remain safe at work at all times. However, there are big risks warehouse workers face every single day, including the following common warehouse injuries:

  • Forklift accidents: Forklifts are used to move, remove, raise, or lower objects throughout the warehouse. Accidents involving forklifts are a leading cause of workplace injuries and, in some cases, even deaths. One of the most dangerous accidents that can occur with a forklift is when a forklift overturns and crushes the worker who is operating it or one who is nearby. Warehouse workers can also get injured by falling between the lift and a trailer, or they can fall while on an elevated pallet.
  • Being hit by objects: Warehouse workers who are handling equipment are often at risk of being hit by objects, such as falling loads or shifting inventory.
  • Loading dock injuries: A loading dock in a warehouse can be one of the single most hazardous spaces. Workers can fall off docks, be crushed while loading or unloading, or be at risk of being hit by trucks or cars that are moving materials from the dock to the truck.

Are you a warehouse worker who has experienced an on-the-job injury in Georgia? Your employer is obligated to provide a safe workplace and has the responsibility to provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees who are hurt on the job. Our personal injury attorneys know just how devastating it can be to work through a workers’ compensation or personal injury case. Let us help you understand your rights and help you pursue compensation for your injuries or lost wages. Call us, today, at 404-969-1284, to set up a free consultation.