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How to Protect Yourself After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can be both scary and dangerous. Losing your balance or tripping over an uneven sidewalk may seem like clumsiness, but some slips, trips, and falls are the result of poor property upkeep, defective products, or other forms of negligence. The law requires property owners to maintain their buildings, homes, or community spaces. […]

The 4 Main Injuries of Slip and Fall Victims

It may seem that slip and fall accidents are less dangerous than vehicle accidents, but they can cause significant injuries to a person and negatively impact their life forever. Depending on variables like age, weight, height, and more, the injuries they cause can vary to an extreme degree. Some people are lucky to come out […]

Where do Most Slip and Fall Accidents Occur?

It is a common misconception that slip and fall accidents primarily happen to senior citizens in hospitals or nursing homes. The truth is that people of all ages are involved in slip and fall accidents. The key is understanding how these accidents happen, and where to be extra careful. A general tip is to always […]

How 5 Simple Tricks Can Prevent Injury During A Fall

It is estimated that around 8 million Americans are sent to the hospital for fall-related injuries each year.  But did you know there are ways to minimize or even prevent injury when you take a spill? Sports, skateboarding, scootering, jogging, and walking are just a few actives where hitting the ground is common.  Professionals in […]

Fighting the Chain Store After a Slip and Fall

We’ve all heard about the incidents and injuries that can occur during a Black Friday sale after Thanksgiving, but the truth is that shopping injuries like a slip and fall can happen at any time during the year. A common misconception is that a slip and fall injury is nothing more than an embarrassment to […]

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Slipping and falling is more than just an embarrassment—it can be deadly. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, there are over 1 million visits to the hospital emergency room each year because of slip and fall injuries. Slip and fall injuries can be particularly hazardous for older people and are the leading cause of […]

Getting Compensation for a Slip and Fall Injury

There are over one million visits to the hospital emergency room each year because of slip and fall injuries, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Slip and fall injuries can occur due to poor lighting, wet or uneven surfaces, inclement weather, or improper footwear. Although some people just view slipping and falling as an […]