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Road Safety Around School Bus Stops

Nearly 25 million kids ride to school on a school bus every day. School buses are very safe for children—and in fact, are the safest mode of transportation according to the National Safety Council—but safety around school bus stops are still a concern and can pose risks for kids who are entering and exiting the […]

What is MedPay service?

MedPay is a relatively inexpensive service that you can opt into with your auto insurance. While it may slightly increase your insurance bill, it is worth it if you are ever injured in a car accident. You can pay whatever MedPay you want, and every insurance company is different, and prices will vary slightly. A […]

Major road construction accidents

Driving is dangerous enough, having to watch out for reckless or negligent drivers; throw construction and confusing detours due to construction into the mix, and driving can get downright stressful. According to the Federal Highway Administration, between 1982 and 2014 there were 24,745 fatalities in work zone accidents (that’s about 750 per year). The peak […]

Are All Medical Bills Paid by Your Car Insurance?

When you are in a car accident, it can be confusing to navigate through the process of filing a claim for property damage or personal injury that you received during the accident. If you had to go to the hospital or undergo painful and expensive physical therapy or specialist appointments after the accident, those bills […]

Tips para mantener la calma en un accidente aéreo

A pesar de que las probabilidades de estar en medio de un accidente aéreo son de 1 en 60 millones (es decir que podrías volar todos los días durante 160.000 años sin tener ningún problema) esta situación sigue siendo algo que preocupa a miles de pasajeros a diario. Los aviones son uno de los medios […]

Google Search – Safety First!

Google search is powerful – it can connect you to the perfect website, business, person, image, video, you name it. Sometimes, however, people take advantage of the mechanics and systems in place to get ads in places they shouldn’t be. Although this is not specifically about personal injury, it is still something we think is […]

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Now that more people are going out for walks, bicycle rides, and other leisure outdoor activities, people should still take into consideration the potential for injury when applicable. We hear plenty about the different dangers of driving, but you rarely hear about the different dangers that affect pedestrians. Based on some statistics from the CDC, […]

How To Stay Safe in an Online World

At Fry Law, we help those who have been hurt or injured in an accident get the compensation they deserve. But there are other ways victimization occurs, such as online scams. And while there may be no physical harm from Internet fraud, it still hurts to lose your hard-earned money. HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO […]

Georgia Tailgating Is 2nd Worst in the Country

A new STUDY has found that tailgating in Georgia ranks as the second-worst in the United States – and no, not the fun and enjoyable sport tailgating parties, but drivers following too closely. A large portion of Atlanta accidents is directly caused by vehicles following too closely to the vehicles in front of them. Fortunately, this same […]

Tips to Avoid Distracted Walking

The dangers of using a smartphone while driving are well established. From data compiled over the past several years, the CDC reports there are more than 1,060 injures and at least nine deaths each day from distracted driving in the U.S. But another problem from our smartphone addiction is on the rise – distracted walking.  […]