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DUI-Related Injuries More Likely During the Holiday Season

WHY IS THERE AN INCREASE? During the holiday season, there is an uptick in DUI-related accidents and subsequent injuries. Between holiday parties and family gatherings, many people drink socially, increasing the likelihood of someone getting behind the wheel after imbibing too much. When this happens, accidents happen and innocent people are injured. How to prevent DUI accidents […]

Road Safety Around School Bus Stops

Nearly 25 million kids ride to school on a school bus every day. School buses are very safe for children—and in fact, are the safest mode of transportation according to the National Safety Council—but safety around school bus stops are still a concern and can pose risks for kids who are entering and exiting the […]

Major road construction accidents

Driving is dangerous enough, having to watch out for reckless or negligent drivers; throw construction and confusing detours due to construction into the mix, and driving can get downright stressful. According to the Federal Highway Administration, between 1982 and 2014 there were 24,745 fatalities in work zone accidents (that’s about 750 per year). The peak […]

Be very careful with the amusement parks.

Every year, millions of people visit the nation’s amusement parks, which are a wonderful way to be entertained for people of all ages. Orlando is home to some of the most popular attractions in the world, including Walt Disney World. However, mechanical problems and other defects have injured and even killed dozens of amusement park […]

¿Todas las facturas médicas son pagadas por su seguro de automóvil?

Cuando tiene un accidente automovilístico, puede ser confuso navegar a través del proceso de presentar un reclamo por daños a la propiedad o lesiones personales que recibió durante el accidente. Si tuvo que ir al hospital o someterse a una fisioterapia dolorosa y costosa o a citas con un especialista después del accidente, es posible […]

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Now that more people are going out for walks, bicycle rides, and other leisure outdoor activities, people should still take into consideration the potential for injury when applicable. We hear plenty about the different dangers of driving, but you rarely hear about the different dangers that affect pedestrians. Based on some statistics from the CDC, […]

Tips to Avoid Distracted Walking

The dangers of using a smartphone while driving are well established. From data compiled over the past several years, the CDC reports there are more than 1,060 injures and at least nine deaths each day from distracted driving in the U.S. But another problem from our smartphone addiction is on the rise – distracted walking.  […]

5 Ways To Respect Motorcyclists

Many people drive motorcycles. Whether it is their main mode of transportation or just a fun weekend recreation, they deserve just as much respect on the road as anyone else. Unfortunately, due to their small size and lack of the safety features of larger vehicles, accidents involving motorcycles tend to be more damaging to their […]

Speeding Truck Driver Accident

Commercial trucks are all over the highways, carrying cargo and merchandise from coast to coast. While most commercial truck drivers are responsible and take their job seriously, unfortunately, there are some truck drivers who drive irresponsibly. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were 4,311 large trucks and buses involved in fatal crashes in […]

Overturned Truck Accident

When we get into our cars to head to work, school, or somewhere fun, we don’t often think about the trust that we need to have in other drivers on the road. In particular, we’re not thinking about the trust we must have in semi-truck drivers who carry large loads of cargo and who drive […]