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5 Ways To Respect Motorcyclists

Many people drive motorcycles. Whether it is their main mode of transportation or just a fun weekend recreation, they deserve just as much respect on the road as anyone else. Unfortunately, due to their small size and lack of the safety features of larger vehicles, accidents involving motorcycles tend to be more damaging to their […]

Motorcycle Accident FAQ List

If you have just been involved in a motorcycle accident in Georgia, there are probably a million questions running through your mind. It is important to allow yourself to settle down, get your nerves under control, and – most importantly – seek any necessary medical treatment. The following FAQ follows a basic timeline of the […]

Hazardous Road Conditions and the Motorcycle Accident

Hazardous road conditions can be a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Not every motorcycle accident involves another vehicle. While cars may have little trouble handling factors like wet pavement, small objects in the road, or uneven road surfaces, these road conditions can easily cause a motorcycle accident. Due to the smaller size and less stable […]

Why Lane Splitting is Dangerous

Motorcycles are a popular form of transport in Georgia and around the country. Riding a motorcycle makes the cyclist feel free and uninhibited. For some, riding a motorcycle is a way of life as well as a means of transport. However, it is important for all motorcyclists to adhere to the safety rules of the road […]

Motorcycle Accident Injuries that are Known to Have Complications

When you’re a fan of riding motorcycles, it can be hard to imagine any other way to travel. To a motorcycle enthusiast, there is nothing better than hitting the open road on a big bike. However, driving a motorcycle can be risky, if the motorcyclist isn’t taking the proper precautions to ensure their safety on […]

Motorcycle Collision Fatalities on a Constant Rise in Atlanta

Motorcycle enthusiasts love the way that their bikes allow them to experience the roads in a unique way than a typical passenger vehicle. But the unfortunate truth is that driving a motorcycle makes you 12 times more likely to be involved in a fatality accident than one just involving passenger cars, according to the Georgia […]

Road Defect Motorcycle Accidents

Most of the time, motorcycle accidents occur when a motorcyclist isn’t paying attention or when another driver on the road fails to yield properly to a motorcycle. However, sometimes single-vehicle crashes can occur on a motorcycle just as they can with a car. Presumably, when you see a single-vehicle motorcycle crash, you assume that it’s […]

Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal in Georgia?

Love them or hate them, motorcycles are a constant presence on the highways in Georgia and all over the United States. While most motorcyclists follow the laws and are very cautious while riding, some motorcyclists throw caution to the wind and weave in and out of traffic, which endangers themselves as well as other drivers. […]

Autocycle Accidents

You may have seen an autocycle on the street without knowing what it really was. It is kind of difficult to nail down a definition, but by and large it’s a three-wheeled, enclosed vehicle that is a combination of a motorcycle and a car. They have a steering wheel, a seat for the driver, and […]

Rainy Day Motorcycle Safety Tips

While you should always be careful when riding your motorcycle, you should especially pay attention when it’s a rainy day. Inclement weather can pose challenges to you out on the road, and you should heed caution when you’re driving. Here are a few motorcycle safety tips when it’s raining outside. HAVE THE RIGHT RAIN GEAR […]