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DUI-Related Injuries More Likely During the Holiday Season

WHY IS THERE AN INCREASE? During the holiday season, there is an uptick in DUI-related accidents and subsequent injuries. Between holiday parties and family gatherings, many people drink socially, increasing the likelihood of someone getting behind the wheel after imbibing too much. When this happens, accidents happen and innocent people are injured. How to prevent DUI accidents […]

What Should I Do if I’m Hit by a Drunk Driver?

The holiday season is filled with many great things like holiday-themed foods and beverages, lights and decorations, family, friends, and good food. The holidays are also a time that many people increase their alcohol intake. Of course, when done responsibly this is just another fun aspect of the holidays, but there are those who are […]

Are Liquor Establishments Liable for Drunk Drivers?

Drunk driving accidents can truly be devastating. When a driver is impaired visually from alcohol, they can cause severe injuries or even fatalities as a result. These injuries can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills for hospitalization and physical therapy as well as thousands in lost wages if the victim can’t work due to […]

Is Drinking and Boating Illegal?

Going out on the boat during the weekends is such a fun way to get some sunshine, ride some waves, and hang out with your friends and family out on the water. It’s also customary for some boaters to have a drink or two, especially when fishing out on the lake. What you may not […]