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Benefits for suffering occupational accidents on ladders

By: Fry | Goehring

Benefits for suffering occupational accidents on ladders

There are many reasons why a person can have accidents at work on ladders, which can result in serious injuries to the worker involved in the event.

Some of the main causes of workplace accidents on ladders are the following:

● Ladders in poor condition.

● Slippery flooring.

● Lack of proper safety equipment.

● Negligence in the maintenance and stability of the ladders.

● Wrong assembly of the ladder.

Each of these details can be the cause of the most serious injuries to workers, so it is important to verify that everything is in order before using it to perform any type of work task.

When you are a victim of falls from ladders at your workplace, depending on the extent of your injuries, the costs can be very high. With the workers’ compensation you’re entitled to by law, you won’t have to worry about anything other than your health.

By receiving workers’ compensation, it will help you cover expenses such as:

● Medical care.

● Transportation by ambulance.

● Prescription medications.

● Lab studies.

● Rehabilitation therapies, if needed.

● Lost wages as a result of your injuries.

● Expenses for permanent or partial disability