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Bad Weather Auto Accidents: Not Always Mother Nature’s Fault

By: Fry | Goehring

Mother Nature can cause havoc on the roads of Georgia. Most drivers have the good sense to stay at home when there are foreseeable adverse weather conditions. However, Mother Nature can also strike without warning, making driving potentially hazardous. When auto accidents happen is it then an act of God? Or do one or more parties hold responsibility for causing the crash?

This is a scenario that plays out often when our clients are seeking compensation for damages where weather may have contributed to auto accidents. It is a defense that insurance companies are quick to use to exonerate the defendant. This tactic may work unless you hire a lawyer who can argue that Mother Nature was not an exclusive cause of the accident.

Auto Accidents Liability

The question at odds in these kinds of auto accidents boils down to liability. Invoking Mother Nature is an attempt to claim that the defendant could not control the events which caused the accident. Let’s say the defendant’s vehicle encountered black ice and then he rear-ended your vehicle.  The defendant cannot be held liable for the fact there was black ice on the road, but that does not mean he isn’t liable for his actions.

Every road user in Georgia has a moral obligation to act responsibly when on our roads. That means driving safely and exercising due care and attention in all weather conditions. When the weather turns bad and affects visibility, most drivers will slow down considerably so that they can react in the case of a potential crash. The same applies to hazards such as black ice. If the defendant was driving too fast when his vehicle hit the black ice, he is still liable for any resulting accident.

Auto Accidents Lawyers

If you have been involved in an auto accident where Mother Nature has been presented as a defense, you need a strong lawyer who has experience in auto accident cases. The defendant and insurance company may maintain that Mother Nature is exclusively at fault for auto accidents in poor weather conditions. Fry | Goehring is made up of a team of legal professionals who work cohesively for you to build a strong case supported by evidence.

At the Fry | Goehring, we have taken on Mother in numerous cases and won. The key to success is in addressing the behaviors of the defendant leading up to the accident. We take the act of God defense out of the equation and attempt to show that the defendant acted recklessly in not anticipating he would need to react quickly due to adverse weather conditions. There are numerous ways that an expert auto accidents lawyer can approach your case; all of which are designed to show the defendant was at fault and therefore liable for your injuries and damages.

If you need an auto accident lawyer who is prepared to take your case to court in order to fight for compensation, call Fry | Goehring today.