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Road Defect Motorcycle Accidents

By: Fry | Goehring

Most of the time, motorcycle accidents occur when a motorcyclist isn’t paying attention or when another driver on the road fails to yield properly to a motorcycle. However, sometimes single-vehicle crashes can occur on a motorcycle just as they can with a car.

Presumably, when you see a single-vehicle motorcycle crash, you assume that it’s the fault of the driver. You might think that the driver wasn’t paying attention or that they were driving recklessly, which led to the crash. But in some scenarios, motorcyclists can get into a single-vehicle accident because they suddenly came upon a road hazard or a road defect that they couldn’t avoid. These types of accidents can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists because they don’t have seat belts or airbags on their vehicles.

While it might seem like the driver would be responsible for any single-vehicle accident, other parties can be held liable if it’s found in an investigation that the road wasn’t properly designed, inspected, or maintained.

If you get into a motorcycle accident due to a road hazard or road defect, who exactly is liable for any damages?


When you are driving on the road, it is expected that the roadway should be designed to be safe. Save for inclement weather, roadways should be clear of debris and should always be maintained and inspected regularly.

Here are some examples of some road design flaws or maintenance defects that could potentially cause motorcycle accidents:

  • Speed limits that are too high for road conditions.
  • Failure to warn of upcoming sharp turns or blind intersections.
  • Inadequate or broken guardrails.
  • No shoulder or deteriorating shoulder.
  • Narrow lanes, especially on small rural highways.
  • A lack of sufficient lighting on the road.
  • Traffic signals that are improperly timed or that no longer work.
  • Overgrown vegetation that any traffic signs.
  • Large cracks, potholes, or similar road damage can cause a motorcyclist to flip over.
  • Gravel or debris on the road can cause a motorcyclist to skid.
  • A lack of signs that signal construction zones or debris on the road.

So, if you have been involved in an accident due to poor road conditions or a lack of warning signs for a construction zone, who exactly is responsible for the situation? In many cases, it is the government entity responsible for maintaining the road where your accident occurred. However, depending on the circumstances it could also be a private company that is negligible.

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